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Themis Software: Intelligent > Proactive > Compliance

Themis Software Ltd. has for the last three years been developing a suite of proactive, intelligent PC asset and user activity monitoring tools. Themis' System Information Manager (Themis SIM) Suite provides a comprehensive method to remotely track, manage and analyse an organisations entire PC, Laptop, Server and Printer asset base, wherever it is on the network. Every LAN attached device is monitored through a single administrators console view that comes complete with an intelligent discovery manager.

Themis SIM logs every single event and action that a user undertakes. It provides you with the capability to truly know and understand what activities are being undertaken upon your network at what time and by what users.

In summary, no asset or user activity can be hidden once an organisation has deployed Themis SIM as the software itself sits quietly in the background monitoring, logging and making all the user activity information available through the Administrators Console. Every individual device or node can be monitored for or targeted to confirm compliance to any fair usage policy or to detect any inappropriate activity.

Themis Auditors Edition is a product specifically developed to meet the demands of professional Auditors who need our complete technology on a decrypted USB-key.

For more information about Themis' SIM solutions please contact Country Manager Thomas Larsen, mobile: +45 20 24 91 01 & e-mail:

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Governance, Risk and Compliance... All stock-listed companies have to live with it... other companies can't live without it...

Therefore gain knowledge on how to manage Compliance. Improve your company's ability to add value and help improve your organization's Compliance management programs. Control processes by attending the courses, seminars and conferences offered by the unique events held by CopenhagenCompliance®. By attending the conference your GRC team will learn;
  • How the world's most sophisticated companies dealing with the Governance, risk and Compliance challenge.
  • How can your company ensure that it is not investing in the areas where it is most at risk?
  • How can you demonstrate that your company is getting the best return on its EuroSox® Compliance Euros?
  • How are your competitors actively measuring and improving their Compliance processes?
Who Should Attend
  • Chairman & Board Members
  • Non-Executive Board Members
  • Members of the Audit Committee
  • Governance and Compliance Officers
  • Auditors, Accountants and Lawyers
  • CIOs/CTOs
  • IT Security Officers
  • Compliance Officers & Managers
  • CFOs/financial Officers
  • Information Security Managers
  • IT Directors and Managers
  • IT Analysts/IT Auditors
  • IT Compliance Managers
  • IT Governance Managers
  • IT Risk Managers