The Copenhagen Compliance® CSR Conference in Thimphu, Bhutan is a meeting ground for top CSR and GRC executives to discuss CSR issues and reach a consensus on SETTING THE TONE FOR THE FUTURE CSR POLICY DEVELOPMENT.

The agenda of the conference is based on the Copenhagen Compliance 2014 megatrends for businesses and the global economy and placed them in a CSR perspective.

The international speaker lineup will provide leadership to achieve updated information on how to manage CSR activities will improve the business' ability to add value and help improve the company's ethics, sustainability and management programs.

The debates and Q&A sessions are under the premises of the Chatham House Rule. The Copenhagen Compliance Conference promotes better understanding between the CSR cultures and mandates to promote cooperation between the governmental and business communities, address and assess the current and long-term Good Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT-Security problems facing the corporate world.

Each of the parallel sessions are conducted by experts in the field and supported by a number of professionals with hands-on experience on the subject in question.

During the Conference we will conduct 6-8 online surveys on current CSR issues. These surveys will then be analysed and the findings and conclusions presented in the following newsletters.

We hope you will consider joining us together with CSR professionals for our event in Thimphu, Bhutan for an opportunity to hear from top-notch speakers, network with high-level attendees and participate in small-room conversations with regulators. Donít forget, all attendees are eligible to earn CPEs.