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Thank you for your support in 2017.
We look forward to a dialog in 2018.
Happy New Year!

2017 – yet another fantastic GDPR, Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT Security year for The Copenhagen Compliance Group.

2017 was another significant year for The Copenhagen Compliance® Group as described in more detail in the annual review sent to selected stakeholders. The GRC and IT Security flyer for 2018 focus, is our way of addressing and explaining the topical and timely global GRC and IT-Security issues that interest companies and CxO and are pain points that needed attention and remedy to improve performance.

It was full throttle in many of the components in our GDPR, Data Protection, GRC and IT-Security practice areas. However, solutions related to GDPR implementation took the prize. We helped our many seminar participants, clients and consultants all over Europe, in Palo Alto and India on numerous big and small assignments that kept us alert and on our feet! Besides training specialists and experts on GDPR methodology, we focus primarily on personal and corporate GDPR certifications. In 2018 we will add HR, Marketing, Supply Chain and DPO certification to complete the set of knowledge sharing with our clients.

In the review, we provide some pointers on the practical cases and activities where we, in some small way have shaped the GDPR, GRC and IT development across three continents.

  • We conducted 19 Data Privacy/Data Protection/GDPR, GRC seminars on three continents.
  • We held two international GRC and IT Security events for the twelfth time.
    • In London, we also focused on a FinTech workshop for the Financial Services sector.
  • We added RegComTech® as some of the new practice areas to our GRC and IT-Security product portfolio. Please have a look for our ambitions on RegComTech® as a Regulatory Compliance FaceBook
  • On the academic side, we will conduct seminars, courses and postgraduate certificate events together with Cass Business School in London, for the Financial Services (KYC, AML, Forensics) The first two GDPR FAS and DPO certification courses are planned for London on 8th Feb and 20th Feb
  • After a successful launch of the Danish Governance and Compliance network for managers, it is time for us to move on and be the facilitator of a new Governance, Risk Management and Compliance network in Oslo, Norway. https://juc.no/nettverk.aspx
  • Copenhagen Compliance® was able to reinforce our presence in Copenhagen (for the Nordics) London (for central Europe), Bulgaria (for Eastern Europe) and India (for Asia)
  • We launched our corporate certification IT tool and continued to share our updated GRC and IT security knowledge with the international business community.
  • In 2018 we will start a new and somewhat unique employee development concept, on our Ethics and Integrity series. A sneak preview will appear in our next newsletter.

We are proud of these GRC and IT Security activities - and humbled by the fact that the coming years GRC and IT security issues and solutions will continue to be a challenge for many companies. We will in a small way continue to set a high global GRC and IT-Security standard.

The continued cooperation with many global companies expresses our binding commitment to GRC and IT security issues since 2005. We pledge that we will always work relentlessly to ensure that our GRC and IT security services will add value to our clients.

A sincere thank you to all who made 2017 a fantastic year for The Copenhagen Compliance® Group and to our global partners who do a tremendous job in ensuring the global reach of GRC and IT Security issues. But most of all to our clients, who since 2005 continue to trust us with their GDPR, Data Protection, GRC and IT Security assignments and projects.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to our dialogue. With warm regards,

Kersi F. Porbunderwalla
President & CEO
Copenhagen Compliance® Group
EUGDPR Institute

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