Audit Committee Solutions

The new role and responsibility of the Audit Committee is to be a vital “watchdog” and to promote good governance, internal controls and accountability throughout the organisation.

Global companies are increasingly met by new regulations and mandates, that continually challenge the corporate governance, risk management, compliance and IT security processes and make greater demands to the audit committee. The Copenhagen Compliance® UK Audit Committee Governance Network is a group of audit committee members and stakeholders who are committed to improving the performance of audit committees and the board of directors by enhancing trust in financial markets and all stakeholders.


The primary purpose of the forum is to increase the member’s expertise and get a significant expansion of sparring and knowledge sharing on particular challenges from the professional network. In addition, the network will share articles in newsletters so that as a member of the network you can influence the topics and content to expand your skills optimally.

Benefits and Values

The network meetings will focus on practical issues to improve the audit committee and overall board performance. Each agenda will be identified and approved by the members;


The network uses a slightly modified version of the Chatham House Rule: whereby the members name and company affiliation are public records, however, any comments made during the meetings are not attributable to individuals, companies, or industries. All insights and emerging best practices developed by the network will be shared by network members, and will be published in Copenhagen Compliance newsletters. The articles are then distributed to the members and can be freely distributed to colleagues, peers, and advisers.