IMPORTANT. The new dates for the Stockholm September conference are 23-24 November 2015

Continued corporate collapses, scandals and misadventures involve some senior corporate executives, respected politicians, bankers and ministers. The 9th annual European GRC Summit in Stockholm will present clear guidance on the primary elements of the GRC3 process. The conference will further provide guidance on the right amount of due diligence on one or more of the GRC components to prevent or limit future corporate calamities and avoid further distrust in the business and financial markets Most global companies have established good governance, risk management, compliance and IT security (GRC) policies and procedures for several years, however, the aftermath of the global financial and credit crisis, demands an update, or a 'second wave' of the GRC assessment based on the new global structures. We call the process GRC3;
  • A Review Of Leading Best Practices: What's Next, What's Working And Not
  • We Scan The Horizon For The Emerging Global GRC Issues
  • Directing The Internal And External Audit Function Effectively, Based On The New Eu Directives On Audit Independence
  • Looking Through The Periscope of Global Bribery, Fraud And Corruption Development
  • Steering The IT Challenges Of Cyber Security, Cloud Computing And Big Data
  • Realization Value On Governance Thru Shareholder Stewardship
  • A Road Map To Successful Navigation In The Sea Of Risk Management With A Customized Framework

The 2015 Conference will further focus on Integrity, Ethics, IT security, Audit Committees and other related issues. We pledge to provide the board of directors, management, auditors and GRC officers with the opportunity to discuss the current GRC challenges and to share ideas and information to present the GRC challenges and to develop new strategies with colleagues and experts.

The risks and opportunities presented by a complex regulatory environment in Europe are clear incentives for corrupt behavior make matters worse for the international business group.

Because the European corporate community is truly globalized a new set of challenges and pressures for International GRC professionals and businesses that we will discuss at the 2015 GRC summit for the 9th time. Based on the international expert presentations, you will discover that the GRC scenarios can mitigate some of the demanding issues in your international business transactions. The conference objective is to help you navigate thru the data, networking and ideas, you will need to be more effective in your global organization and meet with the international compliance demands. The Stockholm conference focus is to help global companies to achieve appropriate governance and compliance controls, and toward the larger framework of maximizing the business value by improving operational decision making and strategic planning.

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