About this free event

Since 2005 Copenhagen Compliance group has been addressing the good governance, risk management, compliance (GRC) and IT-Security issues that affect the business and market volatility & monetary policies to improve the business and market conditions.

Therefore to celebrate the owner and founder of the company Kersi Porbunderwalla’s 70th birthday we invite you to participate at the next GRC event at the DTU Science Park at Lyngby in Copenhagen where a number of speakers will address the all-inclusive management consciousness and focus on Good Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT-Security issues to provide the right, topical and timely business solutions!

The conference will be chaired by The Chairwoman of Copenhagen Compliance UK Ltd. Lady Olga Maitland.



Lady Olga Maitland

Chairman, Copenhagen Compliance UK Ltd
Ex-Member, Parliament and Jr. Defence Minister

Jens Roeder

Secretary General
Nordic CPA Association

Heidi F. Mosbek

Head of Compliance Strategic Development, Group Compliance
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

Helle Meineche

Head of Group Compliance
Danske Bank

Torben Nielsen

Chairman Syd Bank, NED Chair,
Tryg Forsikring, Chairman Audit Committees

Hanne R. Corneliussen

Chief Compliance Officer
Gjensidige Forsikring

Hernan Huwyler

Director, Corporate Governance, Global Risk Management ERM, Compliance, Audit, SAP, Fraud & Security, SOX Controls

Hans Henrik AA Berthing


Steffen Pierini Lüders

Head of Communication and Stakeholder Relations
Novo Nordisk Foundation and Novo A/S

About us

Copenhagen Compliance® combines the reflective energies of good Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT-Security (GRC) Bribery, Fraud and Corruption (BFC) and CSR and sustainability issues and processes, to create value and promote global excellence.

The consultancy and advisory services of Copenhagen Compliance® are delivered by using the organisations own talent and resources (inside-out). We provide the customised GRC/BFC/CSR processes, templates, roadmaps and frameworks (outside-in) to prompt process integration, automation and cooperation between all stakeholders to create business significance in all GRC relationships and transactions. The outside-in component is done thru in-house workshops, conferences, seminars, training & education, certification, newsletters to promote a GRC culture within the organisation.

Copenhagen Compliance® offers dedicated GRC/BFC/CSR advisory, consultancy and interim resources to corporations, management, directors and professionals. The center of attention of the research on industry-specific topics. The group involves corporations, universities, business schools and governance organisations on four continents.

The primary aim of the advisory is to help companies achieve integrated risk management that unlocks the company cultures and value. To be In-Compliance with ongoing stricter regulations and at the same time managing global GRC impact of emerging markets by optimizing GRC issues to IT-Security & automation, giving priority to transparency, accountability and oversight.

Copenhagen Compliance provides global end-to-end GRC platform, with a comprehensive & proven advisory and guidance for the total GRC portfolio and components; including Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Intelligence, Internal Controls, Audit, CSR, Compliance & Policy Management, IT-GRC, Sustainability Management, Bribery Fraud, Corruption (BFC), IT &- Cyber Security Issues.

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Technical University of Denmark,
Copenhagen, Denmark
Diplomvej 372
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby


During the conference, Risma will demonstrate how to integrate governance and compliance processes in general and GDPR processes in particular with a state-of-the-art GRC tool.


+45 2121 0616