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HAPPY NEW YEAR from The Copenhagen Compliance Group

2021 was yet another challenging GDPR, Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) and IT and Cybersecurity year for all companies to address the technological advancements, cybersecurity, monitoring compliance, training and awareness and recruiting the right talent.

2021 was another significant year for The Copenhagen Compliance® Group. We continued to address the above challenges and have presented solutions to address the pain points that needed attention with remedies to improve performance. This we have been doing since 2005.

More than 5000 global dedicated and engaged participants got precise hands-on guidance in the 30+ GRC/IT Security and GDPR events and certification seminars. We helped companies design new technology to get the full benefits from the data, build sustainable, digitised data. We continue to conduct events through online and in-house training, conferences, seminars, workshops, customised training sessions, and advisory regularly examining and monitoring the crucial areas. We will continue to provide practical, proactive efforts to repair, avoid duplication, avoid the troublesome, unsafe, unstructured, or damaged GRC/GDPR and IT security processes, systems, and applications.

Compliance by Design and Digitise the Data
The decade started with the Corona alarm that will go well beyond 2022 as new variants loom on the horizon. Despite the management hustle and bustle related to Corona, we were continuously developing solutions for multiple business activities, challenges and victories.
In 2022, we will continue developing, researching, and implementing subjects that weigh the prominent issues together with concerns on corporate health (CSR/ESG, Corporate- and IT Governance) and risks and rewards. We will continue to provide corporate contributions to our communities and society so that engagement and involvement are at the top of the corporate agenda. We will continue investigating and improving the latest consequences and perspectives on the coronavirus outbreak, which continues to pose a threat to corporate employees and processes.

Illustrate the need to prepare for the next normal as global concerns will continue
Therefore, in 2022 we will give full throttle to many of the components in our Global Privacy and Protection, GRC and IT and cybersecurity practice areas.

In a small way, we are proud that we continue to set high global GRC, GDPR and IT-Security standards by providing sustainable corporate solutions to the GRC/GDPR and IT Security. Furthermore, we pledge that we will always work relentlessly to ensure that our GDPR, GRC and IT security services will add value to our clients in all our activities.

A sincere thank you to all who made 2021 a fantastic year for The Copenhagen Compliance® Group and our partners who do a tremendous job in ensuring GRC and IT Security's global reach that makes all stakeholders happy.

Please keep in touch on your GDPR, GRC and IT Security training/certification assignments and advisory projects!

Best Regards


In 2022 we plan to offer the following:

Events in 2022 Dates
GDPR Online Certification Classroom Training 25-27th January 2022
22-24th February 2022
29-31st March 2022
17-19th May 2022
21-23rd June 2022
Global Data Protection Day 28th January 2022
Global CSR/ESG Day 16th February 2022
9:00 to 1:00 PM CET
The International IT Governance Day 17th February 2022
1:00 to 5:00 PM CET
Global Risk Management Day 10th March 2022
15th Annual Nordic GRC/GDPR and IT Security Summit 21st April 2022
Directors Dialogue. The Board of Directors Committee28th April 2022
Global Board of Directors Day 4th May 2022
GDPR 4th Anniversary25th May 2022
Global Whistleblowers Day 23rd June 2022
Global Corporate Governance Day 14th September 2022
Global Corporate Culture Day 20th October 2022
15th Annual European GRC/GDPR and IT Security Summit 16th November 2022
Global IT and Cyber Security Day 30th November 2022
Global Anti-Corruption Day7th December 2022

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