The final stretch of 2019 or the beginning of the end of the 2020-decade 2020 has started. We trust that your business accomplishments, victories, charity events were successful and now getting the annual report ready for the auditors and to the Board of directors approval. It is now time for reflection—how was the year 2019? Did we carry outour goals? Did we address and find solutions to some of the pressing corporate issues, are we getting a firm grip on the crucial compliance issues that take considerable time and effort to fulfil?

— Weighing the above prominent issues together with concerns like corporate health (Good Governance and IT Governance) the risks and rewards, and the corporate contributions to our communities and society will continue to be on the top of the corporate agenda.

At the Copenhagen Compliance® Group (including The EUGDPR Institute and the Information Security Institute, 2019 was another significant year. Once again, we addressed and explained the topical and timely global GRC, GDPR Data Protection, Privacy and IT-Security issues.

The year started with anassignment to conduct Data Privacy, Protection, GDPR and IT Security seminar for The Jamaican Stock Exchange (JSE) in connection with the Stock Exchange’ 50 years anniversary. The assignment continued with the Data Privacy, Protection, GDPR and IT Security curriculum being adopted at the JSE e-Campus. We developed the beginners and intermediate level certificate courses on the Data Protection Certification Programme that will be launched in the first quarter of 2020.

The new countries added to our GDPR/GRC and IT security certification seminars, workshops, training, and certification sessions include Israel, Albania, China (new cities), Malta, Jordan, and Hungary. We continue delivering the GRC and GDPR Foundation, DPO/Controller/Processer and Practitioner certification masterclasses in several different European countries and cities.

In 2020 we plan to offer:

We are grateful to our participants, clients and stakeholders to be able to continue, since 2005, our global efforts to promote the GRC pain points. We will continue to provide knowledge, guidance and solutions to the GRC, GDPR and IT security issues that need attention. We will continue to offer remedies to improve corporate performance through training and certification seminars, workshops, masterclass and conferences.

We are humbled and thrilled that we are allowed to make an impact on the global GRC, Data Privacy, Protection, GDPR and IT Security scene with new and innovative developmentsas we embark on this new decade so that you can continue to grow, create and share the knowledge, guidance and innovations for the common good.

Thank You for Your Support In 2019. We Look Forward to continued dialogue in 2020. Happy New Year! Wishing you corporate joy every working day of 2020.

Best Regards

Kersi F. Porbunderwalla
President & CEO
Copenhagen Compliance® Group
EUGDPR Institute