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Financial Regulations Survey

In the past several years, the financial services industry has seen the advent of both far-reaching lawmaking such as the Dodd-Frank Act in the US and Markets in Financial Instrument Directive II (MiFID II) in the European Union, and the provisions later enacted or issued by regulatory agencies, such as the Volcker Rule in the US, global risk tolerance guidelines, anti-money laundering and know-your-customer directives, as well as foreign tax compliance measures for securities holdings, first driven by the US and likely to appear soon in other countries.

A special report will explore how financial services data operations professionals are working to address these regulatory changes, both wide and narrow in scope. Please take a few minutes and respond to the following questions and we will send you the final report in December 2015.
  • Do you consider the broad scope of new regulation too restrictive? Or any specific provisions or directives? If so, how have these restricted data operations?
  • What differences do you see between global regions, when looking at the impact of regulation on data operations?
  • Are data management or data governance changes or trends being influenced more by regulation, or by other factors such as cost or efficiency?
  • How much activity and energy is being devoted to changing data operations to comply with regulation? Have efforts been adequate to ensure readiness to comply?
  • What has been the most notable data operations or governance advance devised as a result of a regulatory compliance need? What benefits may that effort also produce?