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Succession Planning To Identify High-Potential Teams and Employees

In every organisation, most employees truly, aspire to senior positions. The focus on learning and practising the leadership skills component of a structured succession planning program identifies the leadership deficiencies that can eventually be developed into excellent skills and address any shortcomings to ensure that the right in-house candidate is timely groomed for a senior position.

In most organisations, very few employees and managers are considered to have the talent to be regarded as high potential. With a calculated succession planning approach, it is possible to identify the top 5% of employees that are perceived as high- potential employee. The Copenhagen Compliance® succession planning methodology, roadmap and framework will ensure that the most capable and motivated staff and managers, that are most likely to ascend the leadership ladder in a thoughtful and efficient manner are identified.

Getting noticed and valued as a high potential candidate
Before identifying the group of high-potential employees, the entire collection is judged for their above or below average for leadership effectiveness related to technical and professional expertise, initiatives and results and their communications and interaction skills.

Depending on the future requirement for managerial mass the numbers were chosen. Employees who are eligible to be recognised as-as high potentials are measured for their leadership capability characteristics, using a 360-degree assessment that includes feedback from managers, peers, and is based on the reports from individuals and colleagues on their performance attitude and-and interaction. Having an in-depth knowledge and expertise in the current assignment is another critical component to getting noticed and valued as a high potential candidate.

How to honour accountable and responsible delivery
Not every leadership component is valid for all positions. Technical and professional expertise is required for the posts as engineer, chemist, programmer, or accountant. The drive for results, taking initiatives and being consistently self-motivated could be regarded as if the individual has boss potential.

However always being committed to honour accountable and responsible delivery together with the ability to fit into the company corporate culture is common for all.

Moreover, finally, the selected staff is assessed for their strategic vision, and ability to motivate are just as important as the cultural fit and the ability to get individual results.

Without a structured approach, many organisation face the risks of filling vacant positions with people who do not possess leadership potential, and the organisation may be missing out on the people who would make a great high-potential leader.

The Copenhagen Compliance® succession planning road map is a structured, robust and healthy leadership skills development tool that provides a pipeline of internal candidates with significant GRC responsibility as a bonus component of the internal leadership talent process and pipeline. Together with the roadmap the framework delivers a pipeline of qualified internal candidates for possible promotion with significant GRC responsibility as a bonus component. - See more at:

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