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If you get GDPR certified, you get recognised for your privacy efforts and data knowledge

There is a rush to solve the GDPR problem. However, it is important to secure the right approach at the right time with the right process and above all the right certification. At our GDPR events you can get certified as the holder of an EU GDPR FAS exam certificate and register your qualification on the international The EuroSox Institute® Successful Candidate Register for free.

The EU GDPR Foundation, Application & Substance (EU GDPR FAS) qualification certification is optional and can be taken the within three days of the course on the web. The holder of an EU GDPR FAS exam certificate will be able to register the qualification on the EuroSox Institute® successful candidate register database. With the registration, you can demonstrate the validity of your GDPR qualification to current and prospective employers worldwide.

Based on another recent Copenhagen Compliance survey at the GRC and IT Security Summit last week, the number of organisations truly ready for General Data Protection Regulation in the Nordics and Europe is astonishingly insignificant. Many companies are managing an overly estimated tick-the-box process and unfortunately missing the possibility to build processes to manage data access and invest in digital audit and automation. Some of the findings are;
  • The current use of spreadsheets with customer, employees and other stakeholder details need tracking user movements under the GDPR mandates.
  • Regrettably, many businesses still continue GDPR implementation in departmental silos
    • self-contained units that operate independently of each other, with none directorial vision aligning them.
  • Determine which independent sectors to work in unity with one another for mutual benefit.
GDPR contraries for potential reprimand
  1. Examine the data protection peculiarities that are perhaps most evident in the marketing and customer service departments. The opposites must be identified as the one department. Is designed to market the brand before and turn them into customers, while the other aims to serve individuals who already are clients.
  2. The scope of the EU GDPR regulation includes not only the data controllers but also the data processors. Therefore, almost anyone across the world doing business in the European Union and handling EU residents’ data is affected, and organisations will no longer be able to get by with some slap-on-the-wrist punishments involving class actions or fines.
Make it easier to do business
At the GDPR certification courses you will get exact guidance on how to streamline the data privacy regulation, align the processes, implement effective training programs, and leverage the right tools to drive compliance efficiently.

The EU GDPR has set in place fines of up to 4 percent of revenue of €20M, whichever is higher, for breach of compliance requirements relating to international data transfer, and 2 percent of income or €10M, whichever is greater, for the less serious violations. To put it in perspective, this is a significant increase from the current £500K limit of penalty in the United Kingdom.

Please join the seminar and hear from peers and organisations how they are implementing EU GDPR solutions and learn how they are addressing it. The seminar is conducted by a data privacy expert from IT Governance UK with extensive experience in guiding businesses to get ready for the regulation and from the technology solution providers on how to leverage technology to drive compliance efficiently.

Data protection regulation may be routine for some, but GDPR fines at 2-4% of global revenues will most certainly not be. Register today!

Please review the Copenhagen Compliance
Please consider the Copenhagen Compliance GDPR implementation news and blogs;