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2016 Annual Report - The state of privacy 2017: EDPS provides mid-mandate report

The GDPR has been, and will continue to be, the point of reference for our work. As set out in the Strategy for the EDPS mandate, the aim is to make data protection as simple and effective as possible for all involved.

The GDPR is of strategic importance for all EU companies and institutions, because it lays out the parameters for data processing and supervision in the EU institutions themselves.

GDPR actively promotes the concept of accountability to leaders of EU institutions and bodies, offering them practical tools to help them ensure and demonstrate compliance.

The EDPS’ vision is to help the EU lead by example in the global dialogue on data protection and privacy in the digital age. Our three strategic objectives and ten actions are:
  1. Data protection goes digital
    • promoting technologies to enhance privacy and data protection;
    • identifying cross-disciplinary policy solutions;
    • increasing transparency, user control and accountability in big data processing.
  2. Forging global partnerships
    • developing an ethical dimension to data protection;
    • speaking with a single EU voice in the international arena;
    • mainstreaming data protection into international policies.
  3. Opening a new chapter for EU data protection
    • adopting and implementing up-to-date data protection rules;
    • increasing accountability of EU bodies collecting, using and storing personal information;
    • facilitating responsible and informed policymaking;
    • promoting a mature conversation on security and privacy.
For full report see;