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How to justify your attendance at the 11TH Annual European GRC and IT-Security Summit in London

Why must Chairman & Board Members, Non-Executive Board Members, Members of the Audit Committee, CEO/CFO, Governance and Compliance Officers, Auditors, Accountants and Lawyers, CISO's, CIOs/CTOs. Internal Audit Managers and Staff, Risk Managers and other professionals must attend the 11th annual European GRC Summit from the 22-24th November 2017 at Grant Thornton UK Ltd at Finsbury Square, London.

As a board member or a manager, you may be faced by either your own, or requests by your team to attend the 11th annual European Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT-Security Summit. The GRC and cyber security issues the event can be a game changer, as the 20 speakers deliver keynotes and workshops to help you to understand the importance or the benefits by structured, planned, integrated and automated GRC compliance and IT, data cyber security activities.

The event is trade agnostic
Despite Brexit, the European corporate community is truly globalised and at the same time segmented. This situation presents a new set of challenges and pressures for International Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) and IT-Security professionals and businesses.

At the 2017 GRC and IT-Security Summit, you will discover that the GRC scenarios can provide intelligence to some of the difficult issues in your international trade transactions. The conference objective is to help you navigate thru the data, networking and ideas; you will need to be more active in your global organisation and meet with the international compliance demands.

Future GRC and IT Security Tools & Technologies Explored
20 speakers from 7 countries will focus on how global companies can achieve appropriate governance and compliance controls, by maximising the business value and improving operational decision making and strategic planning. We will compare and evaluate improvements to map out a clear journey and escalate any non-compliance activity to work towards a no-surprises approach by creating a transparent audit trail and ensure that all material decisions and transactions are recorded.

We will review the evolution of the GRC conduct environment and provide guidance so that you can perform an annual health check of the Ethics and Integrity issues and how to improve on the gaps discovered.

Your Specific Needs that Meet the Compliance Need
You will learn how to undertake a gap analysis to identify GRC and IT-Security areas in which current practice is not in line with your objectives by learning from your peers and benchmark against the current standards being set by other firms participating in the conference.

During the event, we encourage an open dialogue with clear guidelines to engage with the business and improve traction of proper conduct practice. We believe that engagement with the business is vital if you want to achieve a fully-embedded cultural change.

Encourage the business to put the customer at the heart of their operations and achieve a customer-centric approach
  • Set clear objectives for the front-line approach to sales
  • Consumer Vulnerability: Identify clients who are at risk of third party non-compliance
  • Review processes and products to identify current liabilities
  • Ensure that frontline staff have sufficient training with a clear escalation process
  • Make product information clear and simple, and provide a full explanation of the product life cycle, and much more...
We suggest that you act on the above and participate in the 11th Annual European GRC and IT Security Summit and get guidance on how to start the journey of reducing the compliance costs.