Survey on your company's focus on Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) issues. Some companies use regulatory compliance to provide insights and value while others scorn Good Governance and Risk Management compliance as beaurocratic controls. However, compliance is a fact of business life in the corporate world. Employees at all levels from the Board level to the senior management and C-level officers and most employees must understand that the GRC components are instrumental in strategy decisions, evaluating processes and business activities, and often where the future of the organisation is shaped.

We conduct this survey to scan your company's plan to update, invigorate and/or automate the Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) principles, policies and processes within the next year. Please share (anonymously) your expectations for the organisational development in your company for 2016 by taking this brief survey. Thank you!

1. Are you interested in using professional development programmes for the employees in your organisation in 2016?

2. Which groups of professionals and at which seniority (career)-level in your organisation are you considering developing?

Alternatively, specify:


3. If there is an extended professional training course in GRC to develop specialists in Governance, Risk Management or Compliance, would you be interested?

4. How many days would be preferred for this type of training?

5. What is your organisation prepared to invest into the development of your employees through such a programme for each person?

Number of Employees      


6. How important will Regulatory Compliance or GRC Issues be going forward?

7. What are the priority expertise areas that you would like to focus on with regards to professional development for your employees? - which of the following GRC components are of interest to you from a training perspective?

8. Have you recently planned to enrol your employees into professional/executive education programmes

9. Do you currently work with any other business schools, if yes which ones? – give us an indication of the interest or subjects

10. If you want a copy of the final report

Your participation is confidential and will not be shared with anybody other than Grant Thornton and Cass Business School. We assure you that your company's name will not be associated with any of the aggregated findings. In addition, none of the information you provide in the survey will be shared with third parties.

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