CopenhagenCompliance® focuses on all Major European and international Compliance, Risk and Governance issues. This is your opportunity to focus on the issues that are important to your organization. Copenhagen Compliance will provide new strategies for handling enterprise Compliance Risk and Governance management, EuroSox, IT security & controls, Best practices, Sarbanes-Oxley, Internal Controls, ethics and integrity, corporate governance, and more.

It is now our turn in Europe to implement Governance, Risks and Compliance standards that have caused much concern in the US and other countries.

All over Europe listed companies are continuously facing a growing number of challenges related to implementing compliance, risk, governance and internal controls issues, with an ever increasing number of rules regulations and directives.

Concerns over the entire package of governance, risks and compliance responsibilities of publicly traded firms have been heightened by revelations of certain improprieties over the past years. This uncertainty has sent ripples to some companies while others have concentrated their efforts to implement better standards in corporate governance and internal controls.

Internal and external regulations are putting pressure on the way company’s run their daily business. Compliance is now driving critical dependencies on many business processes. Business issues like: Sarbanes-Oxley, EU’s 4th, 7th and 8th directives (EuroSox), Basel II, Solvency, MIFID, SAS70 and FDA are constantly getting more critical and should be addressed in order to obtain compliance.

The real changes are in accountability, transparency and disclosures. European and International Stock Exchanges, The SEC and its international counterparts and National legislation are compelling companies to make compliance a top priority by assessments and obligations.

The Copenhagen Compliance conference in November 2007 will give Board members, compliance officers, auditors, attorneys and senior management the tools they need to reduce compliance risk and to sharpen your knowledge and skills to be equipped to meet the EuroSox Compliance challenge with confidence.

The goal of the Scandinavian Compliance events is to focus on the quality of the speakers and practical information conveyed. Recognized regulatory, audit, legal, and industry experts will convey the message on new regulatory developments and offer practical hands-on direction on establishing and updating compliance policies and procedures.

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Compliance . . . All stock-listed companies have to live with it . . . you can't live without it. Therefore gain knowledge on how to manage Compliance. Improve your company’s ability to add value and help improve your organization's Compliance management programs. Control processes by attending the courses, seminars and conferences offered by the unique events of CopenhagenCompliance®.

  • How the world's most sophisticated companies dealing with the compliance challenge.
  • How can your company ensure that it is not investing in the areas where it is most at risk?
  • How can you demonstrate that your company is getting the best return on its compliance Euros?
  • How are your competitors actively measuring and improving their compliance processes?