Key Objectives

A few reasons to participate in the 6th European Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Summit.
  1. In addition to the impressive line-up of experienced presenters and panelists, you will listen to and participate in thought-leadership presentations and discussions from leading international and Scandinavian financial and operational risk professionals and organizations that focus on developing Effective Processes and Reporting Structures
  2. Varied views and opinions from well-informed professionals on addressing the strategic GRC challenges of regulation and the impact of new requirements on e.g. management, implementation and timeframes. What will the effects be on your company or institution
  3. New directives, new mandates and latest changes, incentives that require intimidate cooperation or forced regulation by management to be in Compliance. These are some of the critical elements that will be tackled by senior executives from major corporations during the conference, based on their experiences in form of case studies
  4. At the conference you will be presented with the first international presentation of Generally Accepted Governance Principles developed by Prof. Steen Thomsen of Copenhagen Business School and Kersi Porbunderwalla
  5. New capital requirements, counterparty risk, GRC impact on the markets, stress testing of your controls are issues that we all can learn from the financial institutions. We have developed a series of best practices that provide you to address the latest stress-testing techniques and processes to support strategic, financial and regulatory decisions for your industry. - What is the correct path to follow and how can you bring the lessons learnt from stress testing to back the business decisions in your industry.
  6. Develop an advanced regulatory approach by examining the expectations from the new GRC regimes. What will be the impact on your industry.
  7. Explore the hot topics of critical role and responsibility for GRC professionals when risk modeling, stress-testing and undertaking GRC scenario analysis assessing what works. What are the achievements so far and what are the expectations for the future?

Thought-leadership presentations and interactive panel discussions are interspersed with networking opportunities, business lunches and opportunities to meet and greet like-minded professionals - there is no other GRC forum that is so focused and targeted!