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The corporate collapses, scandals and disasters continue to involve senior corporate executives, respected politicians, central bankers and respected global corporations. We firmly believe that the right amount of due diligence in the area of Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT-Security (GRC), would have either prevented or limited these misadventures.

Unfortunately, the corporate and financial catastrophes have spread to several countries because the corporate community is truly global, bringing a new set of challenges and pressures for International GRC professionals and businesses.

The global activities of Copenhagen Compliance focus on risks and opportunities and address the complex regulatory business environment. We provide clear guidance to address corrupt behavior, enhance CSR motivation, thru compliance in cultural, integrity and ethics to solve the GRC challenges, develop new strategies.

Based on our experience, you will discover the GRC opportunities that will mitigate some of the demanding issues your business transactions, help you navigate thru the cloud and big data to be more effective in your organization. We can provide updated solutions to some of your problems, including:
  • Addressing whistleblower issues
  • Audit Committee Issues
  • Conducting Workshops, Education & Training
  • Components to manage and develop the capacity of a GRC/CSR/BFC officer
  • Creating & Reviewing Policies & Procedures
  • Developing meaningful measurements and metrics
  • Managing third party risk
  • Navigating thru the latest on global BFC mandates incl. The UK Bribery Act & FCPA
  • Organizational Ethics and Compliance Infrastructure
  • Responding to the new mandates and complications BFC/CSR
  • Risk Assessment, Auditing & Monitoring
  • Segregation of Duties and Conflicts of Interest issues
  • Provide Interim, Temp's and In-sourcing professionals and experts.
    • Finance & Accounting
    • Human Resources
    • IT Professionals
    • Legal services
    • Banking & Financial Services
    • Paralegals for document reviews & e-Discovery
Since 2006 our focus is on a variety of fresh GRC issues and areas of concern in our new global reality. Currently, our research is on the future role of the audit committee, gender and diversity on the board of directors, the role of management in implementing a holistic view of risk.

Never before in the history of the corporate world are we as competent to accomplish almost anything as we are today. One of the missing links is the global focus on GRC awareness and implementation activities that together form a fundamental building block of any company's success in the future and marks the beginning of a new set of GRC activities to avoid the next crisis or a potentially a deadly danger without being the victim of the crisis and provide you with a compass to navigate thru the complex global business conditions.

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Lady Olga Maitland
Javid Cante
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Advisory Board
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Kersi F. Porbunderwalla
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