Financial Compliance Issues

Based on the workshops on Regulatory Compliance for the Financial Services Industry. The workshop consist of 3 parts.

The first part includes the introductions on EU Regulatory Compliance components in relation to the Bank Union, the participants’ pain points and description of 1-5 dilemmas. Later a breakout sessions (in groups) where the participants respond to some of the compliance dilemma presented and discussed earlier is conducted. The third session is the discussion on the findings. It works remarkably well, and it would be appropriate to conduct similar workshops in London.

Based on the workshops our findings are that the current most common risk management and compliance issues and challenges facing the financial services industry are;
Breaking Down the Silo’s We believe that most financial institutions could have an value in coordinating their GRC processes and streams further, with possible division of responsibilities in order to minimize duplication of effort and to build a strong assessment of their "best practices".
Therefore, Copenhagen Compliance GRC analytics assessment will break down the GRC silos and start working together and provide a single view of the complex GRC issues and the corresponding marketing and customer intelligence in a single dashboard, despite administrative and technical roadblocks

Do some of the above workshop findings ring a bell? We can conduct a workshop that will provide you with a 'how to':
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