09:00 Introduction and welcome.
Danish Industries recommendations and consequences of EU audit legislation and the Directive regarding the audit committee's responsibility to restore integrity and trust between companies, markets and EU legislation on auditor liability, transparency and advisory.
Kristian Koktvedgaard, subject matter manager for Tax, Accounting and Auditing, Confederation of Danish Industries

09:30 The Big Picture - How does the new law affect businesses in general and public interest entities (PIES) - in particular.
  • The Audit Committee anno 2018: The current and future best practice for Governance, Risk and Compliance components in relation to the independent auditor, legislation and reporting.
  • The auditor's expectations for cooperation with the Audit Committee and the Board - the new requirements and rules to be strengthened or is it simply a formalisation of existing "best practice"?
  • Particular issues on the auditor liability, transparency and advisory
  • How does the EU audit legislation affect the statutory audit of 'public interest entities (PIE) companies?
  • How can the purpose of the legislation, which is to enhance audit quality, the auditor or audit firm's independence, improve?
  • By amending the Audit Act becomes possible for the General Assembly to select external experts or to the Audit Committee, i.e., not board members.

Ved ændring af revisorloven bliver muligt for generalforsamlingen at vælge eksterne eller eksperter til revisionsudvalget, dvs. ikke bestyrelsesmedlemmer.
What are the corporate considerations in relation to the audit committee's role, tasks and responsibilities?

Speakers: A number of accountants and lawyers from leading law firms and accountants.

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Understanding the societal and business impact of the legislation
  • Audit committees prospective role is to strengthen confidence in corporate reporting and supervision of the auditor's independence
  • How will the audit committee's role as a guarantor to the shareholders and other "stakeholders" affected by this legislative package?

Audit Committee: the demands and wishes of the committee members
Finn L. Meyer, Global Expert in Corporate Governance and Audit and Risk Committees

11:30 The need for legislative and regulatory reforms to increase transparency and accountability and improved stakeholder protection to ensure market integrity and restore confidence
  • How can the new EU regulatory and legislative mechanisms to help reduce the risk of market failure, minimising unproductive capital and help resources can be implemented efficiently?
  • How can businesses create profit, prosperous economy and sustainable growth through compliance
  • FSA contributions to business and markets work together towards high levels of built trust and integrity.

Victor Kjær, Vice President of Danish Business Authority

12:30 Lunch

13:00 The Chairman's experience in an audit committee and the new requirements for the committee.
  • The new audit committee - are there are real changes or most Danish companies at the forefront of the new legislative requirements?
  • Audit committees revised charter. What are the new challenges ahead, after the recent revision and reforms under the EU auspices.
  • How does the EU audit legislation affect the statutory audit of 'public interest' (PIE) companies?
  • How can the audit committee contribute with actions to comply with the law, strengthen the quality of the audit, auditors and overseeing that the audit company´s independence is improved?

Torben Nielsen, Chairman Sydbank, Chairman of the Audit Committee of Tryg. Stefan D. Buch Corporate Accounting Director, Chairman of Audit Committee, Danish Shipowners Accident Insurance, etc.

14:00 Clarification of stakeholder expectations of the board and the audit committee
  • The Audit Committee's role, expectations and responsibilities
  • How should corporate governance efficiency is understood, assessed and improved
  • Achieving a consensus on the Board's role and to set realistic expectations of what it can accomplish.

Kersi F. Porbunderwalla, Secretary General, Copenhagen Compliance

14:15 Coffee break

14:30 FSA's experiences with audit committees in the financial sector:
  • Significant experience with audit committees
  • What seems to work
  • Which areas of the company, the audit committee on
  • How does the audit committee to be supervised
  • The interaction with the Audit Committee during the inspection

Trine Camilla Høybye, Head of the Financial Supervisory Authority, the Office of Financial Reporting

15:00 Panel / Q & A Session. All speakers.

16:00 Summary and perspectives of today's theme and posts.
  • How can the audit committee prospectively strengthen public confidence in the company by greater involvement of company's strategic risks?
  • What are the interfaces between strategic risk management and audit committee's traditional tasks?
  • How can the audit committee create value, rather than "just" being a regulatory requirement?

Prof. Caspar Rose, PhD, Cand Jur, Cand Merc. Member of revionskomité, Chairman: Crowd Banks, HeyStocks, Executive Committee Member GF Forsikring, Vice Hugo Games A / S M. M

The Conference Language is English.