Pui Fong Yau

Chief Advisor
Rigsrevisionen, National Audit Office

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Anne Ehrenreich

Chief Adviser,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark

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Ian Evans

Managing Director
OneTrust EMEA

Ian Evans serves as Managing Director for EMEA at OneTrust, a global leader in privacy management software which helps organizations operationalize data privacy compliance and Privacy by Design. Evans is a diversified senior executive with deep experience in data privacy and CRM technology applications and services. He brings over 20 years of software industry experience to OneTrust as well as 10 years in direct and channel sales. In his role, Evans supports thousands of global brands across the European, Middle Eastern, and African regions, leading the delivery of technology solutions to secure and privatize customer and employee personal information ahead of impending privacy regulations. Prior to OneTrust, Evans served as Vice President and Managing Director for EMEA at AirWatch (acq. by VMware in 2014 for $1.54B). AirWatch now serves more than 20,000 global customers and is recognized as the undisputed market leader in enterprise mobility management.

Asger S. B. Lauritsen

Chief Procurement Officer
F.L. Smidth

As COO/CPO of multinationals and managing director of mid-sized, I have +20 years of international sourcing & procurement, supply chain and operations experience from large complex engineering, process and transportation companies. I have lead and executed transformation programs to optimize processes, cut costs and improve the customer experience by implementing efficient and effective systems to increase the overall productivity of the organization, while retaining the creative spark that drives the company.

I am result driven, passionate about continuous improvements, curious, high energy level, good at listening to people and inspire to lead for change and build human capacity in a performance culture among a group of diverse, talented individuals and leaders.

I believe in the ability to consistently make good decisions though a combination of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment. High level of business acumen including P&L/asset/ management; balance the delivery of programs against realities of a budget/cash flow and strong project management/ transformation skills using technology/IT as a mean for change.

Having lived in high growth developing economies, I have lead local /global organizations though crisis management/big changes (outsourcing/offshoring, M&A's) while growing the business profitable, e.g. also during cartoon controversy, tsunami's, Kashmir earthquake, piracy, etc.

Christian Bergqvist, Ph.D.

Associate Professor,
University of Copenhagen

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Michael Kayser Vestergaard

Ethics & Compliance Officer
Telia Danmark

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Hans Henrik Aa Berthing


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Luka Lu, LLM

Capital Associates
PRC Lawyers

Luka Lu, obtained her law degree from Peking University and worked for an American law firm for more than two years and C&C Law Office - the first Chinese law firm specializing in international legal services. She has cutting edge legal knowledge and experience in banking and finance law, company law, government law, joint venture laws, tax law, labour law, etc. She has helped to establish many foreign invested companies including joint ventures, wholly-foreign-owned companies, as well as holding companies, in the fields of telecommunication, media, mining, medical care, beverage, media, aviation, etc.. She has worked on many power projects; she has represented many banks and financial institutions in their lending in China and launching their new financial products in China; and she has worked on many listing project; she is also on the long-term retainers appointed by many international companies and organizations to handle their daily corporate matters in China. In the recent years, Luka Lu has worked on many merger and acquisition projects for foreign companies, and she was invited to deliver speeches in various conferences including conferences in London. Luka Lu has been chosen to be including conferences in London. Luka Lu has been chosen to be included in the 2002 edition of AsiaLaw Leading Lawyers, which is the only authoritative published book on leading Asian lawyers.

Torben Nielsen

Chairman Syd Bank, NED Chair,
Tryg Forsikring, Chairman Audit Committees

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Kersi F Porbunderwalla

Secretary General
Copenhagen Compliance

Kersi Porbunderwalla is a Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) consultant with extensive experience in analysing, documenting, structuring, processes and procedures, risk assessment and project management. He is also a recognized speaker and GRC expert on operational and IT issues throughout Scandinavia and Europe. His consultancy, courses and development of compliance tools is based on over 30 years of accounting & finance experience as CFO/CEO in Blue Chip corporations.

After his early retirement as Business Controller from ExxonMobil in 2005, Kersi has solved governance, risk, compliance and IT issues with several major multinationals like IBM, Shell and Volvo. During his professional career in GRC related activities, he has also;
  • Custom-made Compliance, Risk and Governance, ISO20000 and ITIL presentations for management of IBM, Danish Financial Analyst Association, Shell, Ängpannaforeningen, Resouces Global Professionals, Lundin Mining, NetCompany, Encore, Software Innovation, US Embassy, Skanska and several others
  • Acted as Principal Keynote speaker on Compliance, Risk and Governance conferences in Warsaw, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo

Kersi is graduate in Accounting and Finance, member of the Danish Financial Analyst Association, Confederation of Danish Industries, Danish Management Council, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Jens Røder

State Authorised Public Accountant

Thor Thorsen Ahrends

Compliance Officer & DPO
Central Bank of Denmark (Nationalbanken)

Isabell Jensen

Head of Legal; IPR & Compliance

More than 10 years of experience within Compliance, including Code of Conduct, Anti-Corruption, Anti-trust, Data Privacy, Health Care, CSR, Third Party issues, Whistle-blowing and related Governance and Compliance issues.

Henrik Frössling


Henrik Frössling has extensive experience in the areas of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance from Volvo. He has held several positions in different organisations such as risk manager, project manager, internal control manager, management consultant and CFO. He has a vast experience from different businesses, local as well as global, with operational and strategic deliveries and training sessions in many different cultures. As a senior advisor Henrik has also been invited as speaker at several international seminars.

Ana Teresa Salas

Compliance Officer
Danske Bank Wealth Management

Ana Teresa Villanustre Salas is a risk and compliance professionals dedicated to the continuous improvement of the risk and compliance culture. With previous professional experience as a consultant within the field of governance, risk and compliance (Nordic Risk Management, 2011-2014) and Risk Officer responsible for operational risks (Skandia 2014-2017) as well as her current position as Compliance Officer and subject matter expert regarding insurance/life & pension (Danske Bank Wealth Management) Ana Teresa Salas possesses a broad knowledge of compliance, governance and risk management. She has from the beginning focused on improving culture through creating awareness and buy-in throughout organisations.

Stephanie Bouju

Risk Incident Manager
Codan Forsikring

Che Sidanius

Global Head of Financial Regulatory & Industry Affairs
Thomson Reuters