Lady Olga Maitland

Copenhagen Compliance UK Ltd.

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Kersi F Porbunderwalla

Secretary General
Copenhagen Compliance

Kersi Porbunderwalla is a Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) consultant with extensive experience in analysing, documenting, structuring, processes and procedures, risk assessment and project management. He is also a recognized speaker and GRC expert on operational and IT issues throughout Scandinavia and Europe. His consultancy, courses and development of compliance tools is based on over 30 years of accounting & finance experience as CFO/CEO in Blue Chip corporations.

After his early retirement as Business Controller from ExxonMobil in 2005, Kersi has solved governance, risk, compliance and IT issues with several major multinationals like IBM, Shell and Volvo. During his professional career in GRC related activities, he has also;
  • Custom-made Compliance, Risk and Governance, ISO20000 and ITIL presentations for management of IBM, Danish Financial Analyst Association, Shell, �ngpannaforeningen, Resouces Global Professionals, Lundin Mining, NetCompany, Encore, Software Innovation, US Embassy, Skanska and several others
  • Acted as Principal Keynote speaker on Compliance, Risk and Governance conferences in Warsaw, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo

Kersi is graduate in Accounting and Finance, member of the Danish Financial Analyst Association, Confederation of Danish Industries, Danish Management Council, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Scott Bridgen

GRC Consulting Director

Scott Bridgen serves as a GRC Consulting Manager for OneTrust GRC– a purpose-built software designed to operationalise integrated risk management. In his role, Scott is responsible for driving the development and delivery of OneTrust's integrated risk management product as well as driving the refinement of the toolset and offerings. He advises companies throughout their risk management implementations to establish processes to support operations and align with their enterprise objectives, including adopting industry best practices and adhering to requirements relating to relevant standards, frameworks, and laws (e.g. ISO, NIST, SIG and more). Scott works with clients to realise the extent of their risk exposure, helping clients to map their digital infrastructure, assess risks, combat threats, monitor ongoing performance, and document evidence throughout the risk lifecycle.

Hernan Huwyler

Hernan Huwyler is an MBA and Certified Public Accountant with 20 years of international experience in risk management, accounting, auditing, compliance and with a track record in achieving measured business efficiency through collaboration, training and analysis. Hernan has developed leadership and analytic skills in complex business structures. He has worked with employees across all levels to achieve organizational goals on four continents.

Aarti Bangera Acevedo

Senior Business Operational Risk & Control Manager
Danske Bank

Lorenza Villa

Lawyer - GDPR Consultant &
Data Protection Office

Susanne Aalborg

Data Protection Manager,

Kimie Ryager

Head of Compliance
JP/Politikens Hus A/S

Paula Andrea Aravena

Managing Director
Compliance Board Group

Edward King Onyenweaku

Cybersecrity and Risk Consultant

In terms of work experience, I have over 12 years of consistent experience in the industry which spans or cuts across different areas.

My experience domain covers Cybersecurity, Risk management, Business continuity, compliance, Payment Card security, Data Privacy, Financial payment platforms, Network implementation and general information security just to mention but a few. I have implemented several networks, designed security architectures, formulated policies and procedures for several organizations.

Beyond implementation skills, I have solid knowledge around Systems audit and I conduct systems audit.
I have implemented over SIX (6) international standards – ISO27001, ISO22301, ISO9001, ISO20000 AND PCI DSS, GDPR/NDPR

I also have sound knowledge around training and have trained different managers and officers in over 5 countries with special focus on Payment Card security, Networking, implementation and Security, Forensic investigations, ethics of hacking etc In addition to my experience, I have sort certification with some international bodies. So I am certified as PCI – ISA, C|CISO, GDPR, CCNP, SECURITY+, PCIP, ISO27001LI, ISO9001LI/A, ISO22301LI, ISO27032, IRCA etc I have BSc in Computer Technology and a Masters in Cybersecurity.

Prashant Gupta

EY India

Lene Refsgaard

Data Protection and Privacy Manager

Kristian Boe Helweg Hansen

GDPR Support

AnneMarie Vitoft

The Black Swan Institute

Ada L. Stein

Founder & Business Developer
Noble Victory Rock