Grab A Front Row Seat at The 11th Annual European To Get The Updated Guidance On GRC And IT-Security Issues

The 11th annual GRC and IT Security Summit is where board members, business leaders and technologists across all trades gather to connect, learn, and discover how to get the most out of each other's experiences. Take a deep dive into topical and timely themes to get hands-on knowledge from keynotes, breakouts, courses, and workshops.
  • Audit Committee issues
  • Bribery, Fraud and Corruption Issues
  • China Section
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Financial Compliance Issues
  • Good Governance Issues
  • Internal Investigations
  • Integrating Data
  • IT-and Cyber Security Issues
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Risk Intelligence
  • Threat Detection & Response
The 11th annual GRC and IT Security Summit is trade agnostic. The 3-day event will focus on some GRC and IT Security issues, related to financial services, retail, telecom, industrial goods and services, utilities, manufacturing, medico, real estate, etc. Our goal is to offer a platform where we all can learn and benchmark stewardship from each other’s experiences and mistakes.

The 11th Annual European GRC and IT Security Summit is on the 22nd-24th November 2017

Continued global corporate collapses, scandals, and catastrophes involve some senior corporate executives, bankers, respected politicians, and ministers. The 11th annual European GRC Summit in London will present clear operational guidance on the primary elements of the GRC3 process.

The annual conference will further provide guidance on the right amount of due diligence on the GRC components to prevent or limit future corporate calamities. Each conference aims to avoid further distrust in the business and financial markets.

Most global companies have now established good governance, risk management, compliance and IT security (GRC) policies and procedures for several years. However, the continued lack of growth in aftermath of the global financial and credit crisis, demands an update, or a 'second/third wave' of the GRC intelligence based on the new global structures. The right way to implement the update(s) is based on the GRC3 process based on the GRC components of Ethics and Integrity;
  • A review of leading best practices in governance, risk management, and it security issues:
  • What's next on the corporate GRC agenda, what's working and why not
  • We scan the global horizon for the emerging global GRC issues
  • Directing the internal and external audit function effectively,
    • Based on the new EU directives on auditor independence
  • Looking through the periscope of global bribery, fraud and corruption development
  • Steering the it challenges of cyber security, cloud computing and big data
    • Based on the new EU directives on data protection and it security
  • Realization stakeholder value on governance thru shareholder stewardship
  • A road map to successful navigation in the stormy ocean of GRC management with customised roadmaps and frameworks
The 2017 Conference will further focus on GDPR, Integrity, Ethics, IT-Security, Audit Committees and other related issues. We pledge to provide the board of directors, management, auditors and GRC officers and consultants with the opportunity to discuss the current GRC challenges and to share ideas and information to present the GRC challenges and to develop new strategies with colleagues and experts.

The risks and opportunities presented by a complex regulatory environment in Europe are clear incentives for corrupt behavior make matters worse for the international business group. The conference will focus on providing the participants with a system of GRC controls, tests, procedures, protocols and guidelines that are created to endorse develop and promote compliance with international standards for governance, risk management, 3rd party compliance, human rights, corporate social responsibility.

The European corporate community is truly globalised and needs to improve GRC intelligence to optimise how to address the new set of challenges and pressures. At the 2017 GRC Summit, international expert presentations will help participants discover that the GRC scenarios can mitigate some of the critical issues in the international business transactions. The overly regulated oversight reporting requires an integrated compliance landscape where good governance results in optimised risk management and automated compliance processes. The journey of Governance, Risk, Compliance and IT-Security (GRC) conformity, requires a holistic approach in addressing the massive overreach.

The objective of our annual conference is to help you navigate thru the data, networking and ideas; you will need to be more active in your global organization and meet with the international compliance demands. The London conference focus is to help global companies to achieve appropriate governance and compliance controls, and toward the larger framework of maximizing the business value by improving operational decision making and strategic planning.

The 11th annual European GRC Summit in London will once again bring together governance, risk management, compliance, IT security, legal and audit executives from European corporations and from around the world. During the two days, there will be GRC experts as keynote speakers, concurrent panel sessions, discussions, GRC cases and customised presentations of high-quality and content.

The 11th annual European GRC Summit in London will present a series of expert presentations, workshops, business cases, best practices, roadmaps and frameworks for structured GRC processes for all stakeholders. The summit will provide the participants with an appropriate level of knowledge, experience, and objectivity, to form an opinion on how GRC and accounting processes can be implemented, based on the relevant facts and circumstances within the context provided by applicable standards and best practices from the conference.


Now that the memorable year 2016, is approaching its conclusion, let us celebrate the global achievements of Copenhagen Compliance‘ Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) and IT-Security actions, events, happenings and triumphs! Here are three highlights in a nutshell that will continue in 2017:
  • 5th Annual Asian GRC Summit in Mumbai, India
    Next IT and Cybersecurity Summit is planned for March 23rd, 2017 in Bangalore, India
  • GDPR implementation and certification courses.
    Next GDPR course is on the 9th February 2017
  • The 10th Annual European GRC Summit in London
    The 11th Annual GRC and IT Security Summit is planned for 22-23rd November 2017. Both London events are in cooperation with Grant Thornton.
Besides the seminars, courses and conferences, the Think Tank and Thought Leadership component of our global offerings, issued a number of newsletters ( and workshops on Responsible Ethics and Integrity enactments ( for sustainable growth and a compliance-oriented Senior Managers Certification Regime for Financial Institutions ( ).

We continue our focus on the role and responsibilities of the Audit Committee and have made an agreement with the Association of Audit Committee members of New York to represent them in Europe, and in 1017 we will start the UK chapter (in cooperation with Grant Thornton, UK) and the Nordic Chapter of AACM in Copenhagen.

We thank you one and all for the interest in GRC and IT-Security to improve the overall operations of your business, enterprise or organisation. Keep up the good work as another year is coming up with a bunch of new opportunities and news challenges. With your focus on GRC and IT-security, you will reach your goals and fulfil your promises!

In these continued historic times of turmoil, creating GRC components of trust and demonstrating leadership is vital for the business world. We hope that you will continue to support the activities in 2017. Thank you for your cooperation in the years gone. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a lovely season's holiday,

With warm regards,

Olga Maitland
Copenhagen Compliance UK Ltd
Kersi F. Porbunderwalla
Secretary General
Copenhagen Compliance®