The GRC3 Initiative

  1. Determine GRC Ambitions, Process, and Communications plan
    • What do we want to achieve
    • How do we do it?
  2. Describe The GRC activities and its components
    • What do we need to do?
    • How do we do it?
  3. Determine Responsibilities, Support & Organizational Structure deliverables and activities
    • Develop an approach and tools to deliver GRC services
    • Identify and prioritize Areas, Trades, and Regimes
    • Describe the Key Drivers & Outline of Service Deliverables and Offerings
  4. Prepare and develop a web based European GRC Survey (Introduction)
  5. Prepare (a) Business Cases
    • Different stages of implementation and maturity levels
    • Automating The GRC processes
    • Various EU and EEC directives
    • The Change Management process
  6. Develop (a) GRC Methodology for regulatory frameworks & guidelines
    • Organization of the GRC efforts
    • Coordinating Knowledge Base
    • Develop material for Primary Sales Pitches
  7. Develop an in-house training program
    • Develop GRC workshops
    • Develop a system for in-house certification
  8. Develop a Plan for Board/"C" level sponsorship of the Initiative
    • Identify 'The GRC Network' to learn from best practices.
    • Identify "C" level roles and responsibilities
  9. Develop (a) Common IT platform - leverage technology
  10. Identify GRC Consultants & develop collateral for the GRC initiative 'as a brand'
    • Develop comprehensive GRC skills matrix relevant to offering
    • Prepare GRC 'stories' and scenarios around the competencies, experience and uniqueness
    • Conduct mock Sales pitch based on GRC components to enhance growth
  11. Catalog & Select relevant project examples and subject matter expertise and a limited number of clients/markets to roll out services
    • Leverage existing GRC relationships to develop engagements in target markets
    • Identify GRC opportunities by country
    • Sales pitch
  12. Develop Seminars, Conferences and Educational programs for Clients
    • Determine country and dates for a seminar
  13. Creating an active forum for GRC discussion to improve performance amongst clients
    • Create a GRC web-based virtual network.
    • Audit Committee development, charter, modus operandi
    • Development of other GRC committees. Charter and modus operandi
    • Develop a follow-up on the web based European GRC Survey
  14. Monthly GRC Newsletter, Bi-annual corporate GRC summit
  15. Prepare Terms and Conditions for future GRC information and communication on the web
For further information and presentation of the GRC3 initiative send a mail to
Economic growth post the financial crisis is both insubstantial and irregular almost throughout the world. In this current economic scenario, a collective enterprise effort in managing the challenges of complex business conditions based on relevant GRC components may provide an answer to ensuring growth in your company.

Copenhagen Compliance® has since 2006 emphasized and highlighted the importance and rewards of the combined efforts of GRC. Our GRC approach helps you to;
Copenhagen Compliance® roadmaps and frameworks can help you measure, manage and monitor the GRC undertaking both at entity and business levels that focuses on a developing a GRC strategy for creating sustainable growth and values.

Our GRC3 framework takes into consideration the challenges of a complex global open market conditions. Our GRC3 framework takes an embedded and integrated approach to ensure efficient GRC structures to optimize performance and focus on the compliance obligations that create value.

Our GRC3 framework discovers the significant overlaps in the underlying GRC activities and reports the integration aspects for efficient application of resources. The roadmap provides a consistent view of GRC knowledge to enhance the power with which each manager or employee can contribute to the organisation.

Our GRC3 roadmap provides the basis for an integrated approach to the GRC operational policies, procedures and standards to avoid duplication of efforts and contradiction of policies.

Our GRC3 roadmap focuses on the change management procedures for general GRC efficiency, especially on financial resources and managing risks to meet the GRC obligations of the business environment.

An important component of our GRC3 framework is automation and the use of technology to support the GRC applications that enable the smooth operation of operational processes.

Our GRC3 IT framework focusses on IT-Security to avoid breaches and find solutions to optimize its GRC processes that ensure that IT systems are employed to provide accountability, clarity and transparency for good IT Governance.

Our GRC3 IT framework includes the functionality and capability to provide visibility in IT processes, functions, roles and responsibilities.

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