In House Traning

Many companies have acknowledged that the establishment of good governance standards, ethics and the corporate responsibility to society calls for higher Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, IT Security (GRC) standards. But a growing number of companies now complain that the flood of new policies and intensified regulatory scrutiny are bringing unintended consequences.

A recent wave of high-profile executive departures highlights the need for boards to regularly review succession plans and develop future leaders in a context where it is getting increasingly difficult to find well-trained talent.

Many companies have eliminated formal training programs to reduce costs, leading to fewer officers having the necessary expertise in GRC areas. There is also an opportunity to drive the success of a company by filling the operation with seasoned professionals, whose backgrounds and talents map more or less directly to the challenges that companies are facing today. Copenhagen Compliance can fill in the gaps and map the individual competencies to match the job profile on an annual basis to establish personal and a global standard of competence.

Therefore, there is a need for updating the web based and in-house training programs.

Copenhagen Compliance offers a competitive In-House training option. Avoid the costs of travel and accommodation. The charge for each day is the same, notwithstanding the number of participants on the course, seminar or workshop.

Running an in-house course in your offices is an investment that will ensure you to;