Online Conference, addressing the GDPR, GRC. IT and Cybersecurity business and market volatility with policies to improve the business and market conditions.

April 11th 2024

10:00 AM to 2:30 PM CEST

Current historic times need a revised set of GDPR, good corporate governance, risk management, compliance (GRC), IT-Security capabilities, and conduit. Participate at the 17th Annual Nordic GDPR & GRC online summit for the right, topical and timely business solutions!

We have the necessary technology, resources and capability to address almost every global issue. Never in corporate history have employees been as dedicated, competent and efficient as we are today. However, the consequences of the financial and credit crisis continue to create disorder in businesses across all continents, while traditional companies have been looking for growth options for the past decade.

We are perhaps missing the all-inclusive management consciousness and focus on GDPR, Data Privacy, Good Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) and IT-Security issues to solve the current everlasting global crisis in general and your business or organisation in particular?

The abundance of data, the enthusiasm of GDPR, GRC and IT Security sources & ease of delivery
Business is complicated, but the solutions can be straightforward if structured to address the cconstantchanges in regulatory compliance, globalisation, distributed operations and risk management processes. All companies must be compliant globally to maintain the competitive momentum from many emerging markets and solve the 3rd party business issues and relationships.

There must be great quality & structured data, enthusiasm for GDPR & GRC sources, and ease of delivery to explain the complexity. Therefore, at the conference, we will discuss how to upgrade technology involving big data, cloud, and issues to provide quality business data to solve the problems that burden organisations of all trades and sizes.

Denial to address the corporate GDPR and GRC problems
The above challenges require sophisticated yet straightforward and comprehensive GDPR and GRC structures. Synchronising the above components of prudent GDPR, GRC and IT Security management, like keeping complexity and change in force as well as under control, provides a significant challenge for the board of directors, senior executives, management and governance, risk management, compliance professionals (CxO) throughout the business world.

Traditionally, there is much denial to address the corporate problems that have created the current growth crisis platform. The corporate scandals and their relation to the lack of global growth and the current global business environment probably result from the lack of structured GRC and IT security compliance implementations and monitoring.

Innovation, disruption and future jobs
The conference will provide the GDPR, GRC and IT Security framework and recommendations for future applications and find solutions to some of the current issues that affect the corporate and business world. The long-term low-interest rates, easy money and the misallocation of capital, lack of coordination between the global financial system and the tsunami of regulations, land ack a comprehensive tax strategy where large global companies provide innovation, disruption, and future jobs must take the blame.

The 17th Annual Nordic online GDPR & GRC Summit and the DPO Day will attract 300+ delegates from across Scandinavia, Europe and Global companies for one day of challenging GDPR, GRC and IT-Security discussion and debate to focus on the future GDPR and GRC agenda and how businesses can prepare their future business plan and budget to address the inevitable challenges.