Global Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, CSR/ESG, Sustainability, GDPR, Data Privacy, Data Protection, IT- and Cybersecurity Issues and Concerns:
Online Training, Workshops, Conferences and Webinars

Our focus is on Global Corporate Governance topics on equality, inclusion and diversity.

• How can the company and CxO improve cross-cultural management and promote inclusion, ethnicity, equality etc.

• How to confront the stereotypical gender perceptions to promote corporate governance for performance growth and corporate culture.

We hold global conferences on Good Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, IT security, and Data Privacy topics, including GRC components, e.g. antiCorruption, CSR / ESG, Data Protection, Cybersecurity, Sustainability, Corporate Culture, Ethics and Integrity and other GRC related topical and timely.

All our speakers are global subject matter experts and GRC Officers. In addition, we include a couple of academics at each event

Our annual The Global Governance Day, The Global Risk Day, The Global Sustainability Day, Global Data Protection Day, and GDPR Day, provides incentives, inspiration and a methodology for the company to execute, highlight and address the key issues before the oversight authorities or the supervisor

The speeches are approx. twenty minutes duration with Q&A sessions and panel discussions

The topics are always followed up before and after conferences with relevant articles, blogs and communications.

Annualy we conduct 15 GRC/GDPR/IT Security events. These events are primarily online to ensure a global reach. However, we do offer on demand hybrid events both with streaming and recorded options.

To a sponsor or partner, Please note that we provide a 50-90 participant lead guarantee for each event. For details:
or send us a email:
December 10, 2020

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December 10, 2020

ISO Standards are vital to ensure quality and safety in both products and services in the corporate world.

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December 10, 2020

In our training events, the participants retain 90 per cent of what they go through as reference material for future implementations

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