On the 30th of January 2024, Copenhagen Compliance® will host an online conference to bring together the global GDPR and DPO stakeholders. The Data Protection Day seeks to explore constructive improvements within the current privacy framework and debate alternative models of worldwide GDPR enforcement.

At Global Data Protection Day, wdeeply dive into topical and timely Data protection, privacy, GDPR and related issues. During the Data Protection Day, we guide multiple 'experts' professionals and practitioners to improve, refine and sharpen your hands-on GDPR capabilities on the facts you need to address the continued GDPR challenges.

This Data Protection Day will provide the techniques for implementing or updating the compliance program to fit your organisation. The primary agenda components of the Data Protection Day are:

    IT crime has now climbed to be the 5th largest global industry. Data protection, privacy and cybersecurity breaches are on top of the corporate and national data protection oversight agencies.

  • The IT, GDPR, and cybersecurity plan for 2023 and beyond
  • IT Security and Data Breach
  • How can we prevent abuse or misuse of personal data?
  • How do we address GDPR and Privacy violations?
  • What are the remedies that we use to correct the employee faults and errors?
  • Privacy by Design: Understanding the Mandates and The Practical Dimensions
  • What is the legal basis of IT and cybersecurity compliance in the organisation?
  • How to ensure consistent consent from data subjects to secondary processing
  • The review of the audit process for implementing change in personal processing data.
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessments: The Full Picture
  • How should regularly review the data and process (regular data flow mapping, audits, risk assessments and reviews) to ensure the legal basis has not changed
  • How is personal information collected and used?
  • Do we use data precisely for the purpose it was collected?
  • Top Operational Responses to GDPR: What to Do and When
  • We walk through a couple of step-by-step participant experiences.
  • .
The realities of GDPR data breach notification and responses require exceptional in-house communication (with information on what to do before, during, and after an incident) to prepare the organisation for a violation and handle tricky multi-jurisdictional legal notices discussed.

During the Data Protection Day, we will provide the participants with expert guidance on the following issues and concerns

5+ years after GDPR implementation and execution, companies, Data Controllers, processors and DPOs are uncertain that the team has implemented the most significant data protection reform to be compliant. The workshop will help you execute the GDPR program, not on paper but by focusing on enforcement. The experts, together with DPOs, IT Security managers and other professionals, will offer a practical, hands-on view of the essential assessment of the GDPR with knowledge about key concepts, scope of application, individual rights, core principles, compliance in practice, transparency, accountability, data protection impact assessments and more.
  • GDPR, Data Protection, Data Privacy and It and Cybersecurity Issues
  • Discussing the implementation of actions to comply with Global Data Protection and Data Privacy mandates
  • The critical components of third-party data compliance
  • Assessing GRC, Cyber-and GDPR Vulnerabilities from A Risk Management Perspective
  • Creating A Data Privacy Culture
  • Leadership, PR and social media for crisis management
  • How to Effectively Deal with Cyber Security Breaches
  • Cyber Security Workshop
    • how to increase the controls to prevent and deal with data breaches
  • The key capabilities for cybersecurity
  • Avoiding phishing scams
  • Making staff aware of suspicious emails and phone calls

Key takeaways

  • The immediate actions to take when presented with a potential data breach
  • How to handle cyber security and lower the risks and exposure to IT and data breaches
  • Regulatory Developments; Info security, Trans-Border Data Flow
  • Learn practical techniques for implementation of a privacy program fitting your organisation
  • Learn from two industry veterans who will help highlight the differences between the new regulation and earlier directives
All speakers and instructors will be IT, privacy or legal professionals with hands-on experience.