How to deliver IT Governance for good compliance and risk intelligence for GDPR-, GRC- and IT oversight.

The Board of Directors (BoD) and Senior Management must provide the confidence and stability and take the appropriate level of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) to comply with GDPR, Data Privacy, Data Protection, IT, Data and Cybersecurity issues and processes.

Moreover, in the GDPR mandates, there is an explicit requirement to adhere to the accountability and transparency principle that requires the BoD and management to understand and take the lead on GDPR, IT, Data and Cybersecurity issues and liabilities of Data Protection, and Data Privacy.

GDPR compliance is a top corporate priority

Multiple surveys reveal that The BoD and senior management aspire to recognise the intricacies of technology and transgress acceptable corporate IT governance practices. Providing the tone, leadership, and stewardship on the digital transformation of the company and address the decade long uncertainties of cyber-attack or data Privacy/IT security breaches, that affect the brand, reputation damage from fines and penalties.:

  1. The indications from our BoD network is that there is a reasonable interest in good corporate IT and data governance to deliver better long-term results and the confidence and stability needed to address the appropriate level of risks.
  2. Stakeholders challenges with regards to top-line growth opportunities and uncertainties due to lack of digitisation, data transformation, non-compliance, or uncontrolled IT risks
  3. The Board and senior management must address the consequences of technologies on the Internet of Things, AI, Big Data, and unstructured IT platforms before the introduction of 5G.

Navigate the challenges shaping the corporate GDPR, IT, Data and Cybersecurity issues

Membership of the Dialog Directors Dialogue will give you access to online webinars, training and certification sessions to improve and deliver best practices in IT risk governance. The continued training will enhance knowledge, guidance, disclosures and reporting with management related to IoT, Big Data, 5G, Databases, digitisation and cybersecurity issues. The online sessions will help you, your colleagues and the organisation to enhance and improve Data Privacy, Data Protection, IT and Cybersecurity operations with the strategic agility, by integrating strategic thinking with insights on digitisation with the latest techniques, ultra-practical ideas for boardroom guidance.

Register for the introduction webinar on the 16th November 2020 at 14:30 CET. AGENDA

The topic is: Reporting on GDPR Compliance to the Board of Directors

The moderator is Lady Olga Maitland, Chairman of Copenhagen Compliance UK Ltd.