Global IT-, Cyber- & Computer Security Day

28th of November 2024

Cyber and Computer Security Day should demand the attention of every company and the board and management must dedicate one day each year when companies, the Board, Senior Management and CxO, and all other stakeholders dedicate their efforts to combat cyber-security, crime, and attacks. These breaches are devastating and affect businesses at all levels, as the internet has made people and organizations vulnerable to outside attacks.

Email virus MyDoom cost $38.5 billion.

Cyber and Computer issues affect information systems with different types of malicious attacks such as spyware, virus, social engineering etc. Therefore, during the Cyber- and Computer Security Day

  • We will endeavour to motivate the need for a more intuitive and automated systems-level approach.
  • Determine the overall security characteristics of an information system,
  • Develop designs for treating security issues in the IT governance systems
  • Adopt controls to cyberspace, especially cyber criminality, to help lower their level of vulnerabilities to an acceptable level throughout the application of a cybersecurity action plan

During the Cyber- and Computer Security Day, we will do the details on:

  • How to create a customized security awareness program?

Training, awareness, and education for all to stay ‘safe’ online!

  • What is Cyber Security Awareness Training? Cyber Security Awareness Training gives employees excellent and practical “rules of the road” for keeping corporate information technology safe on the job.

5.9 million ransomware attacks were recorded in the UK in the second half of 2020

Lately, every day we hear about breaches in cybersecurity. At the Cyber- and Computer Security Day

We focus on action plans for keeping people and companies safe online, which is a top priority worldwide. The corporate goal must be that each person must be proactive to protect their online security with common sense ways to stay safe in cyberspace.

At the Cyber- and Computer Security Day, we will focus on threat research as an invaluable asset to security teams for proactive and reactive response plans with practical steps to defend against attacks.

We guide how to:

  • Turn threat details into new monitoring and threat hunting techniques
  • Configure your security solution to incorporate those actionable takeaways
  • Reverse engineer to test the above-configured solutions