Copenhagen Compliance support to your management of Governance, Risk, Compliance, Accounting Finance, Fraud and Corruption activities.

Expertise and complexity are constantly evolving and requires experienced experts and consultants and project managers that are at the forefront in designing and implementing, these unique and cutting edge solutions that combat several stakeholder concerns.

Our experts, consultants and project managers are cross- and double checked, referenced, controlled and documented for their experiences, for a clean sheet and track record.

Our selection and matching process will assure and assist you in getting ready for an appraisal, assessment or the type of project that you have decided to proceed with. The consultants are either working for a international audit or consultancy company and are familiar with the processes and tools that are necessary to meet the demands of an ever changing landscape in the area of accounting, finance, IT, compliance, risk etc,.

We can also assist you to provide workshops, in-house training courses and custom made courses or workshops on several if the above mentioned issues.

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