Copenhagen Compliance® creates, produces, and provides custom tailored Governance guidelines, consultancy and conducts training and conference sessions worldwide. The center of attention and focal point is to provide the combined Governance Risk Management, Compliance and IT Security (GRC) support on industry specific topics and issues.

Often when a corporate Governance misconduct occurs, there are 2 common responses:

  • Management was unaware of the malpractice
  • Our Governance and ethic standards are amongst the most stringent in the business.
    • We are concerned, we apologize for our mistake as it does not reflect on our culture or our history of our business philosophy.
    • We will strive to continue to uphold the highest standards and maintain a best-in-class approach to the best practices in the industry.

Our GRC services offer new clients to avoid the above mentioned example with fact-based decisions for positive bottom line Governance impact that will transform the way you implement sustainable business to be Good Governance compliant.

Copenhagen Compliance is an global GRC implementation agency, whose greatest challenge will be to assist management, companies and regulators to understand the current GRC problem facing multinational companies. There is a need to accept that the current problems are not solved by introducing more Compliance. Despite massive introduction of regulatory compliance, the core problems and issues that trouble several international companies remain unsolved.

Another key objective is to make your current Governance structure safer. The current regulatory crisis or bubble of policies and regulatory oversight runs the risk of creating a new independent risk of total non compliance due to the sheer magnitude and the time factor because Lawmakers and oversight regulators are inflating another set of regulatory crisis or bubble by overcompensating for past sins and introducing more Governance almost everywhere.

Governance Guarantees

Copenhagen Compliance has for a long time pleaded that Governance and the variety of complex controls without any obvious cure of the underlying problems just complicate the issues. Introducing complex Governance components and controls beyond the therapeutic dose with addressing core cultural and ethical issues is self-defeating.

Copenhagen Compliance also promotes the better understanding between Governance cultures and mandates to promote cooperation between the governmental and business

communities to address and assess the current and long-term Good Governance, Risk Management and Compliance problems facing the world.

Early warning for Black Swans

Often directors and managers tend to go for denial and they ended up with wheel barrows of mixed group of Governance processes, duplication of efforts and controls and manual tests that confuse even the most basic regulatory control, that can only lead to a greater operations breakdown… it is like taking more and more of the same medicine to cure the primary problem.

Regulators and oversight authorities continuously issues report to even the best of the blue chip companies and financial institutions that the company lacked effective systems of governance and internal controls to adequately supervise the activities of operations with respect to legal, compliance, and reputational risk…. and go on to recognize the lack of prudent controls, documentation, tests etc related to specific compliance program.

We have to admit the establishment of ethical governance standards and the corporate responsibility to society that calls for higher GRC standards. But a growing number of companies now complain that the flood of new public policies and intensified regulatory scrutiny are bringing unintended consequences.

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