At the Global Corporate Culture Day on the 17th of October 2024, we review and develop corporate culture as well-defined attitudes, values, beliefs, and goals, with particular characteristics to create a gratifying working environment for all stakeholders.

The seminar’s theme is MATED Leadership; Metrics, Accountability, Transparency, Ethics, Diversity. How can the board and management consider the corporate concerns and provide recommendations and reflections to address the MATED challenges?

The purpose of the Copenhagen Compliance® Corporate Culture Day is to focus on the MATED components to address the proactive attitude of the board of directors and management, with a global message on ethics and integrity issues. The workshop builds on The Board of Directors and senior managementʼs expectations on monitoring oversight and exposing the opportunities so that ʻnothingʼ is taken for granted.

The company can have the best state of the art systems, tools and offices. However, if the mechanisms of ʻPeople Governanceʼ is not appropriately implemented, the ethical and integrity principles and attitudes will harm the decision-making process and create complexities. Thereby the participants can act coherently and strengthen all the human dimensions connected to the internal and external activities of the company when they return to their respective departments. Furthermore, the event results ensure that politics on ethics and integrity issues do not overrun the workplace but increase importance to monitoring policies and procedures for ethics and integrity compliance.

After each session, the ethics and integrity initiative will forge new internal alliances. The revised understanding of ethics and integrity issues will foster pacts, e.g. HR department on recent whistle-blower actions, anti-bribery, corruption, and third-party risk management. The aftermath of the workshop is to address any cynicism on the revised ethics and integrity issues head-on by expanding its scope throughout the organisation.

Opportunities for implementing individual integrity and business ethics principles are not optional. We conduct the training, seminars and implementation so that ALL employees are aware and pledge that;

  • Management must justify business deals if the companyʼs reputation is at risk.
  • All stakeholders are accountable for their actions on agreed values, standards and principles.
  • Participants will ʻownʼ the Ethical business conduct with the Integrity components.
  • 10+ global experts will share the responsibility or understanding with the principles for cultural guidance.

We will discover the ethics and integrity gaps at the event and guide and influence the participants’ entrepreneurial spirit and accountability. Besides providing regular and comprehensive information on stakeholder integrity and commercial ethics to business partners, the ethics and integrity seminar/workshop will support day-to-day the complex situations of day-to-day business and provide orientation on local ethics and integrity cases, scenarios, and examples. We address all stakeholders worldwide, including suppliers, sales partners, joint venture partners, third parties, and marketing and sponsorship partners.

The Ethics and Integrity component will create a corporate culture introducing an interactive, case-based dialogue using everyday ethics. Getting ethics and integrity issues right is more than merely embracing the company code of conduct. We go through the possibilities of errors and interpretations when employees are confronted with challenging situations and doubt.

We will develop a framework (The Ethical Compass) for ethical decision-making to protect both company and client interests and safeguard the companyʼs reputation. The practical component of the workshop is designed to put the participants in situations with a role play, so they can learn precisely how ethics can play an often subtle role in everyday business decisions.

The cases will bring to life the various shades of solving cultural, ethical and integrity dilemmas for different situations to understand how ethics and integrity violations may differ in countries, divisions, or colleagues’ decisions. We will deliver;

  • Work through the real-life examples and scenarios that make ethics and integrity programs understandable.
  • Participants will recognise, interpret and respond to questionable conduct.
  • Clear on ethical grey areas in business practice and identify areas of possible mistakes.
  • Determine the consequences of the cultural component of ethics and integrity
  • Uniform customer relationships, trust and confidence with all stakeholders.
  • Optimise the risk of regulatory or reputational compliance.
  • Story-telling on optimising current processes and finding gaps in code of conduct.
  • Four sections with built-in Q&A sessions with online surveys to get the maximal amount of feedback on many appropriate, current and valid questions relating to organic growth, corporate revenues and market capitalisation.

At the end of the event, we will ring-fence the principal message on Corporate Culture with ethics and integrity vision, goals and infrastructure and implementation from the board and leadership. We go through legal compliance policies and rules based on the organisation’s culture, including the disciplinary measures, risks, and rewards. We will ensure that Integrity and ethics processes are embedded through roadmaps and frameworks for regular follow-up and avoid quarterly or annual assessments. Training, education, and communication on all covered issues is an ongoing process.