The Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) and The Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Corporate Development (SCD) Day 18th February 2021 9:30 to 12:30 CET

Attend this online interactive workshop to hear ‘hands-on’ practical approaches to fighting CSR, ESG and Sustainable Corporate Development issues by taking a coordinated monitoring & controlling approach to managing the consequences.

The CSR and sustainable development thought-leadership round table will be conducted as a discussion ‘think-tank’ for thought-leaders & practitioners in the day-to-day struggles to comply with CSR/ESG and Sustainable Development mandates and procedures.

During the guidance sessions, we will discuss critical challenges & strategy with peers to develop team expertise & professional skills in a Center of Excellence, as well as to advance debate & approaches for CSR/ESG and Sustainable Development and build a benchmark for a ‘hands-on’, proactive & inspirational CSR environment.

CSR/ESG and Sustainable Development play a critical role in identifying those elements of a business’ most vulnerable activities related to good governance.

How to benchmark CSR/ESG and Sustainable Development schemes in the control framework including;

The speakers and participants will discuss the following CSR/ESG and Sustainable Development dilemmas and issues

  • How to create a culture that recognises the need for a zero-tolerance course of action, on all bribery, fraud & corruption incidents
  • How to ensure continued management commitment to the root causes of various topical and timely issues
  • How to leverage the guiding principles that promote a high level of awareness that encourages & identifies the ‘red flag’ indicators of CSR/ESG and Sustainable Development
  • CSR/ESG and Sustainable Development mandates is a necessary cost of doing business from a social, ethical & reputational standpoint
  • Enhance strategic thinking, tactical planning, & actionable initiatives on how you can develop in-house CSR/ESG and Sustainable Development ‘riskability’-focused programmes
  • What are the specific insights on how to develop & implement an action plan for CSR/ESG and Sustainable Development?
  • Understand the enterprise CSR/ESG and Sustainable Development management methodology & solutions to tackle the GRC components in your organisation proactively
  • Facilitate transparency & communication of information flows to the board & stakeholders related to CSR/ESG and Sustainable Development controls & disclosures

The above dilemmas and issues and the findings and comments will be distributed as minutes of the workshop.