Lady Olga Maitland

Copenhagen Compliance UK Ltd.


David Rubens

Dr David Rubens, Executive Director, The Institute of Strategic Risk Management

Prof. Hernan Huwyler, CPA, MBA,

Universidad Internacional de La Rioja
Danske Bank


Marco Nutini

Expert in risk assessments for compliance and governance

Change Management · Financial Reporting · Data Reporting Work location São José dos Campos, São Paulo

Lisa Young

Senior Cyber Executive | Board Member | Risk Quantification | CISO | CRO | Speaker | Thought Leader | Problem Solver

Cyber risk quantification and operational resilience professional. Best suited for CISO, CRO, CIO/CDO, or serving as a Board of Directors cyber risk subject matter expert. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). Certified Information Security Manager (CISM). Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Lisa R Young is an operational risk and security metrics professional with a passion for solving data problems.

Keith Graeme

Mathematical modelling for strategy & risk management

- PhD and post-doc in applied mathematics - 20 years of experience applying modelling to problem-solving in a variety of industries and disciplines - Operational experience as the leader of corporate strategy and risk management functions - Expert in uncertainty quantification, decision modelling under uncertainty and causal inference Keith helps companies and institutions that use, or want to use, mathematical models to support strategic decisions and manage uncertainty (risk).

Jesper Lyng Jensen

Jesper is an experienced risk professional

As a risk researcher, Jesper focuses on expanding our ability to predict what risk can cost an agent. Specifically when that agent decides to undertake large and risky decisions. Based on our science, we can, for the first time, pinpoint large future productivity losses—the Red Phone loss. And we can avoid them. As a game designer, learn how risk affects organizations in a fun, engaging and insightful way. As a consultant, advise organizations, whether public or private, on optimising projects or organizations in the presence of risk.

Fernando Hernandez

Global trainer on quantitative risk

Fernando's international experience is geared towards training, consulting, developing and communicating quantitative risk, financial applications and decision-making models and helps organizations setting up their decision-making models and quantifying and understanding their risks. Conceptualizing, creating, testing, communicating and teaching quantitative risk and decision-making Excel-based models bring an array of hard and soft skills: • Ability to understand and customize the business. • Creativity and vast experience in Excel modelling techniques. • Outstanding multi-lingual communication skills

Doug Hubbard

Developed a decision analysis method I call Applied Information Economics (AIE)

I developed a decision analysis method I call Applied Information Economics (AIE) and it has been my speciality for the last 22 years of my 32-year management consulting career. I am the author of How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business (Wiley 2007, 2010, 2014) which has sold over 100,000 copies in eight languages.

David Vose

Risk Management Expert

David specialises in providing consulting advice in risk management and risk analysis. I am a recognised leader in the field. Specialties: #riskanalysis, #riskmanagement, #quantitativeriskanalysis. Design of risk management systems. #expertwitness.

Anders Søborg

Business leader I Transformation I Operational Improvement I Digitalization I Risk Management I Governance I Compliance

Anders re-launched the ISS Groups business transformation program to drive business growth and cost improvements while standardizing operations supported by technology. Setting up and execution Global COVID-19 business response.

Colin Coulson-Thomas

Business leader I Transformation I Operational Improvement I Digitalization I Risk Management I Governance I Compliance

Prof. Colin Coulsen-Thomas is a Cornish Campaigner, Author, Chairman, Academic, Speaker and Corporate Adviser. Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas has advised over 100 boards on improving board and/or corporate performance. A regular speaker at corporate events and international conferences.

Elvis Fernandez

Business leader I Transformation I Operational Improvement I Digitalization I Risk Management I Governance I Compliance

Dr Elvis Hernandez helps organisations to maximize their assets-in-place and create growth opportunities for shareholders, investors, managers and stakeholders, considering risk management into the decision-making process. He is an outstanding professional with advanced practice, knowledge, and education in Risk Management, Finance & Economics, Operational Research, and Corporate Governance.

Josef Oehmen

Associate Professor, Engineering Systems Design & DTU RiskLab

Josef's research focuses on better managing large-scale engineering programs, particularly the application of advanced Risk Management techniques to the project and strategy level. I also have a background in product development and design, lean thinking, supply chain management and strategic management of startups.