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As The world's economy is changing rapidly, how to manage complex risks

The consequences of denial to address the corporate GRC problems are severe! Traditionally there can be regulatory rejection issues to address the organisational problems that create a platform for a corporate crisis; From Enron and Lehman to FIFA, Volkswagen, Hitachi, Petrobras, Subprime, Deutsche Bank, all were due to GRC failures. At the conference, we review how to avoid self-inflicted crisis and how structured GRC and IT-Security implementations, assessment and monitoring can create added business performance for sustainable stakeholder value.

Learn from the experiences from other trades. The conference also has hands-on and practical parallel sessions on; GDPR, Third Party Compliance, Audit Committee, IT-Security, and Bribery, Fraud and Corruption issues, to identify and implement best practices and develop sustainable strategies.
  • Brexit - effects for Europe and Governance and Compliance rules?
  • GDPR Data Governance - are you prepared?
  • Cyber-attacks and threats - is your IT security able to manage risks about all of this?
  • Trump administration - changing the world's economy and risk management
How companies like Volksbank Wien, Swiss Aduno Group, Volkswagen, Porsche, RWE and EnBW are prepared and how will this change the broader global issues and is your organisation prepared for it?

Effects of a changing world economy and managing risks:

At the 10th Annual Nordic GRC and IT-Security Summit we will discuss and debate to provide guidance and focus on the future GRC agenda and how businesses can prepare their 2017 business plan and budget to address the inevitable challenges;
  • A Telco in Italy faced with compliance issues lost 7 Billion euro in market capacity and paid 500 million euro in fines.
  • A global manufacturer faced bribery, false accounting and corruption claims and paid 700 million euro in settlement due to poor risk management.
  • A bank CEO had to resign following misleading investors and lack of Governance.
How our customers manage to have an integrated view and being flexible to adapt to the world's economy changes:
  • By digitalizing and implementing Integrated GRC this Telco, dramatically decreased the number of controls by 50% due to integration and now manage global information security effectively and efficient.
  • An energy company has managed to reduce the controls with integrated risk management by a total of 85% since the migration to their new system and efficiency increased significantly with 25% less work.
  • A Finance organisation generates synergistic opportunities and savings in each business area and guarantees that management has reliable information to make value-driven decisions in light of risks.
At the conference on the 15th and 16th March, we offer an individual one-to-one meeting with experts to address your particular issue about managing complex GRC issues. Send us an email