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  • Have you calculated the price tag of the next cyber breach?
    There are some global surveys on cyber threat and the defense of IT-Security with vital statistics to safeguard the company and ensure proper business continuity. In most more than half the respondents believe that a successful cyber-attack is likely in 2015 and phishing, malware, and zero-days are of primary concern.
  • The Internet is Neither Secure Nor a Private Place to Hang Out
    Ashley Madison is a dating site that markets itself to married people who want to have 'discreet' encounters on the side. Recently a hacker threatened to expose all of the members' identities unless the CEO shuts down the site.
  • Most IT- and Cybersecurity breaches and attacks are multi-level and multi-channel by default
    The IT- and Cybersecurity day on the 19th October 2015 at The Technical university of Denmark is designed for board members and senior management, IT managers, risk, governance and compliance managers, their supporting team members, CFO's, and individuals interested in updating their IT and Cybersecurity risk management knowledge.
  • Zero Tolerance is an expedition to achieve the golden goal of zero tolerance for Bribery, Fraud and Corruption
    The Scandinavian countries are the least corrupt countries with order, democratic processes, and an excellent management culture. This global standing requires an individual obligation to implement reasonable and practical business processes with all stakeholders. Therefore, Copenhagen Compliance has since 2006 held a series of conferences, meetings and seminars on Bribery, Fraud and Corruption (BFC) issues on four continents.
  • Toshiba scandal is another blow to Japan's Corporate Governance codes.
    Another of the world's biggest accounting scandals surfaced when Japan�s Toshiba joined the long list of massive corporate financial scandals, which include BCCI, Enron, Lehman, and Olympus. The scandal at Toshiba has worried global investors due to the corporate governance issues with antiquated oversight of top managers, as companies have cooked the books throughout history and worldwide.