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  • High Court Ruling On Indirect Software Licensing may result in huge incremental license and maintenance fees
    Any business using SAP in future is exposed to substantial SAP penalties and ongoing maintenance charges unless they obtain licences. This is applicable not only for their internal users but also their customers and suppliers. The danger arises where there is any flow of data from the systems via customer portals to individual customers – even indirectly.
  • Succession Planning To Identify High-Potential Teams and Employees
    In every organisation, most employees truly, aspire to senior positions. The focus on learning and practising the leadership skills component of a structured succession planning program identifies the leadership deficiencies that can eventually be developed into excellent skills and address any shortcomings to ensure that the right in-house candidate is timely groomed for a senior position.
  • The Governance and Compliance components of anti-trust, competition and anti-corruption laws
    Corruption and anti-competitive behaviour have different corporate consequences. The moral message encompasses social and political implications in both cases. The effects of competition law breaches are economical and are usually evaluated under administrative law. Pay the penalty and move on. Competition law violations are less visible to the end consumer, and the damage is less likely to be calculable compared to the forceful effects of bribery, fraud and corruption related to legal, business and reputational risks.
  • US Corporation May Be Forced Back To The Compliance Drawing Board.
    President Trump takes aim at laws that reshaped US banking in the aftermath of financial crisis President Donald Trump is on Friday due to take his first steps towards undoing parts of the Dodd-Frank reforms that reshaped US business in the wake of the financial crisis.
  • Wrong implementation of 3rd party controls results in dangerous and messy relationships (Part I)
  • Workshop Session on GDPR Issues On The 15th March 2016 09:30-16:30
    Getting started on the GDPR implementation the right way, with governance and risk management components to assess, compile and measure the tremendous amount of effort required for GDPR compliance is the key aim of the seminar. We focus on how in-house staff who know the idiosyncrasies of digital platforms, software ecosystems and how to streamline the current data and communication structures can take charge.
  • As The world's economy is changing rapidly, how to manage complex risks
    The consequences of denial to address the corporate GRC problems are severe! Traditionally there can be regulatory rejection issues to address the organisational problems that create a platform for a corporate crisis; From Enron and Lehman to FIFA, Volkswagen, Hitachi, Petrobras, Subprime, Deutsche Bank, all were due to GRC failures. At the conference, we review how to avoid self-inflicted crisis and how structured GRC and IT-Security implementations, assessment and monitoring can create added business performance for sustainable stakeholder value.