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The Storyline of the 8th annual European GRC Summit organized by Copenhagen Compliance

I have two pieces of paper in my hand. The one is the minutes of the board meeting where we discussed a number of Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT concerns. On the other hand I have the agenda of the "8th annual European GRC SUMMIT in Copenhagen", on September 22rd -23rd 2014 at the Confederation of Danish Industries.

Global Governance Issues

What are the risks when the CEO stays too long without a succession plan

The experience from HR assessments is that succession planning is not an issue companies address in a systematic way. The challenges often occur when profits are small, face organizational challenges, sudden changes and more. Companies that rely on management to carry out the goals and missions, provide services but they must also address the issues that changing realities on succession planning. It must move high up on the corporate agenda.

Global income inequality has grown steadily for the past decades & has now reached its highest level on record

The real ratios of income inequality around the world have become incredible. The Walton family (Wal-Mart) in the US has as much wealth as the bottom 35-40%. Sweden has the highest share of wealth held by the top 10% in Europe, followed by Germany and the UK, Finland and Italy . The leading industrial family in Sweden, the Wallenberg family, have controlling interest in major companies like ABB, Ericsson, Electrolux, Atlas Copco, SKF, AstraZeneca and Saab and doing an excellent job for the Global economy.

Global Risk Management Issues

Riskability Governance Watch

Corporate governance issues have lately become a highly discussed and controversial management component, both at the directors and managerial level. In order for the individual company to develop its own customized framework and roadmap, each business unit must understand the political, structural and historical development in the organization.

A consultant is a "doctor" who is a specialist, can diagnose and provide emergency treatment with long lasting and positive long-term effects.

Sometimes consultants have a negative reputation. This happens when there is no balance between cost and benefit or the work results in stacks of PowerPoint slides or when the results are more or less archived into a digital or other storeroom and the untested processes that not explained, integrated or embedded.

Global Corporate Social responsibility Issues

Parallel session Global CSR Issues will be conducted as a workshop. Let CSR provide the business with strategic competitive advantage to critical business issues.

We are proud to announce that Jeffrey Avina, Citizenship and Community Affairs director for Microsoft will conduct this �do not miss� CSR event. Jeffrey is responsible for setting Microsoft�s corporate social responsibility strategy in 79 countries, linking activities to government and donor expenditures in health, education, governance, and disaster management. Prior to joining Microsoft, Jeffrey was director of operations of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Public concerns about interactions between drugmakers and doctors are unlikely to go away even tough companies are obliged to disclose payments to individual doctors. Similar rules are set to take effect in Europe in 2016.

In the meantime oversight authorities all over the worlds are looking for cases to prosecute under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act, which prohibit payments to government officials, including state-employed doctors, to obtain business overseas.

Global Compliance Issues

After China GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Faces Criminal Probe by the UK oversight Serious Fraud Office

What are the major components and attributes associated with implementing an effective GRC program in China? The 8th annual European GRC summit offers a 2 part session on doing business in China. Foreign subsidiaries continue to enter the Chinese market. It is important to keep in mind the fundamental cultural differences in China and e.g. Scandinavia and other Western countries. The two sessions will explore the latest in Risk Management, Governance and Compliance challenges on the Chinese sub-continent.
From how to communicate with regulators, suppliers, and third parties to what a foreign subsidiary can do to remedy the compliance risks in China.
Luka Lu, LLM, Capital Associates, PRC Lawyers
Signe Elb�k, LLM, Corporate Compliance Officer, Corporate Legal & IP, Coloplast.

Updating the regulatory compliance to a new era of globalization and IT development

The ECJ ruling involved the case of a Spanish man whose Google search results linked to a 1998 newspaper listing of a property auction, which mentioned his past social security debts. The Spanish regulator ruled that the paper need not remove the original official notice but Google had to stop linking to it. Europe�s most senior judges have concurred.

What are some of the most scandalous business events of 2013

Class action suit targets 13 stock exchanges for high-frequency trading. From the NSA leaks to the horse meat in Ikea meatballs, 2013 was an eventful one on the scandal front.

Global IT Security Issues

International "wake-up call" on cyber intrusions. US and China involved in cyber-spying case

The United States has accused China of vast business spying activities by charging five military officials for hacking into US companies to steal vital trade secrets. The claim is that China-based hackers have launched computer attacks on American industrial and military targets, often to steal secrets or intellectual property. The Chinese official claim to be victims as they are the ones who face a significant threat from the NSA and US Cyber Command.

Updating your 2015 IT Security Program begins at the 8th Annual GRC Summit

Copenhagen Compliance has continuously provided guidance on how organizations can implement a governance and risk-based approach to IT security issues, by making these issues visible, measurable and actionable. At the conference on 22-23. September 2014 we will demonstrate the Security Risk Management tools that support both advanced reporting capabilities and interconnectivity to ensure that remediation actions for IT breaches, controls and tests.