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Message from the Board of the organisers: Copenhagen Compliance®

Governance by Spiritual mandates

The inspiration for the sustainability component of Good governance comes from a variety of sources. It includes not only the soft and hard law, but also the spiritual law. The clergy says that should you believe in God; you should not believe in oil. World Council of Churches (WCC), an organization of more than 500 million Christians, has joined a global movement to boycott fossil investments.

Corporate Governance Liability Reforms Post The Credit And Financial Crisis

This case is based on recommendations on Corporate Governance is aimed primarily at companies whose shares are admitted to trading on a regulated market. The objective is that the recommendations are also appropriate for all companies to comply with laws, mandates and principles of good governance to create value.

EU Passes the Implementation of Non-Financial Reporting Law

Copenhagen Compliance has developed assessment tools, templates, framework and guidelines to help companies implement the new directive in a structured and uniform way for continuous disclosure improvement with features to enhance the quality of reporting.

How can board of directors support sustainability

With no clear direction or apparent interest, sustainability teams spend valuable time lurking the blind spots. Misalignment on corporate sustainability often results in the overuse of company resources on sustainability efforts, with little value in return. Therefore, the board's engagement on sustainability risks sends a strong message to management and employees.

If you think that Compliance is expensive. Try non-compliance

Characterizing the financial, oversight, fines, social and other costs of noncompliance can be as catastrophic or panicky. The cascading effects of ongoing noncompliance can further accelerate the costs and provide irreparable damage to reputation, trust and credit with the stakeholders. This article recommends prevention, controls, early recognition, monitoring and intervention as vital components of compliance.

Q&A. Board of Director's responsibilities and liabilities

Prof. Lars Bo Langsted recommends that the board of directors actively debate the corporate governance recommendation to create value. He further expects added focus on the corporate governance recommendations/standards related to the current digital evolution in the coming years.

Scandinavian businesses are no longer cleaner than Persil when it comes to corruption risks in overseas markets

Current enforcement activities by the UK's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and FCPA are signaling a new era of relentless investigation and prosecution of corrupt practices. The cases involve investigations for individuals and companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Alstom UK, Airbus Group NV, Sweett Group and others. In this article, we review the recent bribery and corruption cases brought against Scandinavian companies.

Trial of Alstom for bribery and corruption allegations in the UK unit starts in London

The case comes at a tricky time for the French parent, as it has agreed to a $16.9 billion sale of most of its power business to U.S. conglomerate General Electric in a deal that gives the French government an option to become a shareholder.

The data breach major companies prove that the most sensitive personal information is in danger

JPMorgan, the largest bank in USA, has financial information in its computer systems that go beyond customers' credit card details and their databases potentially include more sensitive data. Since JPMorgan has migrated much of the sensitive customer data to computer networks to get speed and efficiency, they now are vulnerable to security breaches and related side effects.

Crowdfunding can bring new capital as an early stage finance

Crowdfunding or crowd investing is a growing phenomenon that embraces several different models of financing for business or other ventures. Equity crowdfunding is more complex than other forms of crowdfunding and requires appropriate governance, checks and balances.