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Internationell konferens kring nordisk bolagsstyrning och Compliance.

Med anledning av den p�g�ende globala finanskrisen, skandaler, stagnerande tillv�xt och �kad tillsyns�vervakning i Norden, har kravet p� striktare uppfyllande av bolagsstyrning, riskrapportering, compliance och IT-s�kerhet (GRC) �ter hamnat i fokus. F�r industrin g�ller att planera och hantera f�r potentiella hot och risker, allt f�r att s�kra en l�ngsiktig �verlevnad och l�nsamhet.

Nordic companies take the lead on the sustainability components of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance issues.

Prompted by the global financial crisis, scandals and the negative public opinion on corporate oversight, directors and executives are looking for guidance on how to take the lead on governance, risk management, compliance and IT-security (GRC) issues and to address the potential threats and dangers the company is disposed to.

Addressing the ridiculousness of US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act

Corporate bribery and anti-corruption enforcement is big business for the US oversight authorities. Unfortunately, the current approach is neither fit to resolve international bribery issues and situations, nor delivers justice. The purpose of the FCPA must be redefined to combat global Bribery and Corruption in the long run.

The Global role of the CXO in Risk Management

The board of directors and senior management look towards the CFO and risk and compliance officers to address the issues and pressures from outside 'market forces' that affect organizations ability to change business scenarios and financial models.

Structured and facilitated prevention mechanisms for monitoring Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) issues.

There is an increasing awareness of fraud, misconduct and related good governance and risk management matters in the Nordics as well as globally. Companies are facing increased pressure from their stakeholders to ensure that integrity and ethics components of compliance will add value to the company's enterprise risk profile. Therefore, all businesses are attempting to implement a comprehensive framework third party due diligence and fraud monitoring. At the 9th annual European GRC Summit in Stockholm on the 22-23rd September, at the World Trade Center, the finance/accounting team together with GRC officers will learn how to prevent certain noticeable instances of frauds or misconduct.

The new compliance agenda has capitulated to the corporate compliance fatigue.

The overly regulated oversight reporting requires an integrated compliance landscape where good governance results in optimized risk management and automated compliance processes. The journey of Governance, Risk, Compliance and IT-Security (GRC) conformity, requires a holistic approach in addressing the massive overreach. The Copenhagen Compliance� Global Actionable Regulatory Program (GARP) maintains the governance religion but changes the risk management rituals to be compliant.

How can the CFO provide the board with short, digestible, and consistent data and information for context and benchmarking?

Then the CFO is a key company strategist that can deliver both data and context for smarter decisions.The annual CFO-Agenda in Mumbai offers a platform for leading Indian finance professionals to discuss, engage and question the accounting, finance, data, -visualization, - integration, -security and other governance, risk management and compliance processes, that are fundamental for CFO Innovation and creating value for the organization.

Cyber risk scenarios for effective IT risk assessment.

There is an urgent need for innovative solutions in the pursuit of the current cyber risks controls. The cost and consequences of any cyber-breach are increasing, and the continued operation, and business are at stake. Management is overwhelmed by the news of a cyber-risk attack and the data disruption that follows.

Ensuring an adequate and current cyber-threat landscape

Cyber-crime, IT-Security, cyber-security issues are one of the biggest digital challenges facing business leaders and corporates today. It is, therefore, vital that you gain insights into the management of information security.