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Volume 1 | Issue VI

7th Annual European GRC Summit by Copenhagen Compliance

The Storyline of the 7th annual European GRC Summit II

Scene: A Management meeting of Global Mining together with The chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Message from the Board of Copenhagen Compliance®

Since the first Copenhagen Compliance Conference in November 2007, at the wake of the subprime loan disaster that later developed into a financial and credit crunch, there seems to be a continued need for promoting the advantages of implementing good governance, risk management compliance and IT security (GRC) best practices throughout the international business group.

Why attend the 7th European GRC Summit

Global Governance, Risk and Compliance Issues

Global Governance. United we stand, divided we fall

The corporate world urgently needs legally binding international Governance agreements to facilitate the conclusion of the financial crisis and the recovery of the world economy.

The Copenhagen Compliance® principles on Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT security (GRC) can provide:

Company Secretaries must verify current and accurate legal framework at a global level

The tone at the top in controlling key corporate data that ensure compliance with legal, tax, finance, stakeholders and regulatory agencies is critical.

Say on Pay Revisited

Many critics of CEO pay dispute that the problem lies, not with the size of the pay packets but with the incentives that they create. The obscene options are meaningless unless the company's shares hit a certain price, but staggeringly profitable if they exceed it. Therefore, considerable risks to boost share prices in the short term and then cash out are taken. This is the simple scenario the board and stakeholders should consider: pay the bosses in restricted shares, which they must hold for a specified period rather than choosing when to sell. So when their bets go sour, it is not only the shareholders that suffer.

Regulatory Compliance: Financial Services Industry and The EU Banking Union

No financial institution is immune to regulatory charges inside the US.

The recent Standard Chartered Bank adventure provides the best lesson for both the financial industry and the regulators. It also sets an important example

Non Compliance. Pretend and Extend or Defer and Defy.

It is bad business not to exercise effective regulatory compliance as an integral part of the business processes in any industry. Without self-regulation non compliance is the result of poor risk management. It is directly visible and potentially catastrophic.

Learning to live with the EU Banking Union

The building blocks of the banking union consist of the Eurozone Stability Fund (ESM) to provide security, stability and support to its member countries in financial difficulty. Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) can offer the option for the ESM to recapitalise banks directly.

Governance, Risk, Compliance and IT Issues

The Committed GRC Culture promotes accountability

When employees are not sure what's expected of them, the results simply just cannot be useful, especially when the complexity of work and the pace of change is taken into consideration.

A 10 point approach to the creating your GRC Management Cycle

We all want the GRC processes to be efficient and accurate. However the first step is to develop and understand the business components of each individual GRC process and how it fits to the annual GRC management cycle. If you do not contain a GRC approach to the business you will miss out on the benefits of GRC and simply follow the check-the–box manner to comply.

First SaaS, then Cloud, enter Big Data to automate your GRC processes

Business, Corporate and organizations must get better and improved data management approaches that allow them to effectively round up and optimize their data procedures and typically IT Security.
We suggest that based on the attached information on Bribery, Fraud and Corruption you conduct a workshop to assess your BFC compliance maturity For guidance please call us