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Top executives want facts on IT, risk, and Governance and Compliance

Please mark your calendar for April 17th 2013 for the Audit Committee issues, April 9th for the conference on the Bank Union and May 15-16 for the annual Copenhagen Compliance.

Cyber Security and the Audit Committee

What are the common reasons for the issues and challenges related to strategy, risk management, dialog with stakeholders on IT governance issues, related to cyber security?

Creating your own Codex for an Effective Management and Audit-Committee Oversight

Rarely does one size fit all – but obviously this article will help those that read, understand and apply it. In addition to providing leading best practices in key areas of oversight, based on our experience this article offers 10 principles to help guide Board of directors, senior management and audit committees in their oversight of the financial-reporting process.

Contingency Planning is on the Top of the management Hot Spots for 2013

Volatility is becoming the new normal in the corporate world, and the harmful effects of regulatory compliance provide a reminder of the importance of being prepared for virtually anything.

Critical and challenges issues facing the audit committee

Dissatisfaction on the organization's governance activities-risk management, controls, compliance, crisis response, strategy and board oversight on the company's reputation and brands are areas of concern.

The struggle for implementing financial reforms

We need to fully understand what the EU oversight authorities are doing to bring the crisis to an end. Each financial institution in the EU must prepare an objective analysis as well as a practical plan on how to move forward and get clear answers on how to get the regulatory systems back on track.

How values and culture should influence decisions on implementing new Regulatory Compliance

Values and culture may be the cornerstone of governance because they drive behaviors of people throughout the organization and the ultimate effectiveness of its governance arrangements.

Financial Regulation Program and the Framework of the EU Banking Union

What are the consequences for the European financial institutions when new and uniform supervision, rules and regulation are introduced across the EU?

The EU commission's action plan on the Companies Act, Governance, Risk and Compliance activities, and a determination to avoid future systemic financial crises, has now been published

Audit and Consultancy Services Need Governance!

The European Commission is working on a draft regulation that will create audit-only firms in the European Union. This seems to imply that there are flaws in how accounting firms currently operate, or that the regulations are inadequate in the protection of the public interest.

Faulty due diligence results in an $8.8 billion write-down and lawsuit against the Audit firm.

HP is expected to face a barrage of lawsuits by investors seeking to recoup losses. Its shares fell 12 percent to a 10-year low last week after it announced an $8.8 billion write-down on its acquisition of Autonomy.

Opinion of the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority of 20 December 2012 on interim measures regarding Solvency II

Risk Governance is not a combination of two words, but a discipline in itself.

Those accountable for key risk policies on the board and within management must be sufficiently empowered to put the brakes on the firm's risk taking, but they also must enable the firm to conduct well-managed, profitable risk-taking activities that support the firm's long-term sustainable success.

Managing Change

Effective change management is critical to the successful outcome of a large project like implementing regulatory compliance activities. The change project should be implemented in an effective and easy way so that the change process ensures that each change process is properly defined, considered and approved before implementation.