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  • A new governance model and approach to 3rd Party Due Diligence and Compliance
    During the 10th annual GRC and IT Security Summit in Copenhagen on the 15-16th March 2017, we examine the different consequences of third party non-compliance and find sustainable solutions to the GRC business opportunities, direct and indirect cost and reputation risk so that these risks are not to be underestimated or neglected.
  • GRC Overview for improved Business, data and IT Performance
    GRC is an integrated collection of capabilities to reliably achieve defined goals, deal with insecurity, and act with integrity. This is why we view GRC as more than just the sum of individual processes, such as risk management and an internal control system. We firmly believe that GRC is a path to develop sustainable corporate management, which provides the solid foundation to drive innovation and growth in companies.
  • President Trump Must Appoint an Ethics, Governance and Compliance Secretary
    Recent circumstances indicate that there seems to be a need for a Governance and Compliance Secretary, responsible for special Ethics or Conflict of interest issues in the Governance department at the White House. We review some of the recent instances.
  • How President Trump's actions will affect the global corporate world
    Based on US President Donald Trump speech to Congress, on March 1, 2017. Solving the following major pressing problems will require and oblige us to tap into the American spirit that has overcome every challenge throughout our long and storied history.