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  • Global Hackers are having a field day
    In September 2017, Equifax, the US credit monitoring agency, admitted that the personal data of 143 million US customers were stolen in a massive hack back in May 2017 and revealed that the company was also the victim of an earlier breach in March 2017. Last week Deloitte was hit by cyber-attack revealing clients' secret emails with hackers securing details of top accountancy firm's blue-chip clients.
  • How to justify your attendance at the 11TH Annual European GRC and IT-Security Summit in London
    Why must Chairman & Board Members, Non-Executive Board Members, Members of the Audit Committee, CEO/CFO, Governance and Compliance Officers, Auditors, Accountants and Lawyers, CISO's, CIOs/CTOs. Internal Audit Managers and Staff, Risk Managers and other professionals must attend the 11th annual European GRC Summit from the 22-24th November 2017 at Grant Thornton UK Ltd at Finsbury Square, London.
  • Rewriting the regulatory compliance cookbook
    Instead of delegating the regulatory compliance authority to the oversight bodies, to avoid a new fiscal, monetary or credit crisis, the right approach would have been to analyse the accrued Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) failures, and to rewrite the compliance recipes based on facts. Regulators were somewhat slow to recognise the impending collapse of the financial system because a comprehensive compliance rule-book was unavailable in 2008.

  • The new U.K. corporate governance reform will get tough on irresponsible corporate behavior
    The Code contains broad principles and more specific provisions. Listed companies are required to report, as part of their annual report and accounts, on how they have applied the main principles of the Code. They must also confirm that they have complied with the Code's provisions or – where they have not – explain.
  • Telia and Uzbek subsidiary to pay the a billion USD for FCPA violations
    The Sweden-based telecommunications provider Telia Company AB and its Uzbek subsidiary, Coscom, will pay $965 million in total penalties in a global settlement to resolve corruption charges arising out of a scheme to win business in Uzbekistan. The agreement brings an end to an 'unfortunate chapter' in the company’s history.

  • How GDPR help Oracle dominate European cloud computing market
    £122 Billion is at risk just for the UK companies as of 25 May 2018. Tesco alone could pay £1.9 Billion fine under the new regulation. GDPR is coming and is mandatory for every company that wants to operate in any member of state of the EU.
  • The Territorial and Material scope of the GDPR
    The geographic range of the GDPR is broader than the current Directive from 1995 because it will apply not only to data controllers who are established in the EU. The regulative also applies to data controllers who are not established in the EU; but where the processing activities are related to the monitoring of their behaviour, if the behaviour takes place within the European Union." Under Article 3 of the GDPR.
  • Data analytics can transform GDPR risk assessment on, e.g. Profiling
    Your big data analytics on Profiling can have a significant impact on businesses. Given the broad scope, both geographically and materially of the GDPR, and the definition it gives to 'profiling', most businesses must be concerned by these provisions due to the lack of 'profiling' experience.