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From the board of the 2013 Copenhagen Compliance Conference

Please mark your calendar for April 17th 2013 for the Audit Committee conference, March 21st for The Mumbai GRC Summit, April 16th for the Paris conference and May 15-16 for the annual Copenhagen Compliance.

These conferences are a must attend events for those who believe that we have the necessary technology, capability and capacity to address almost every issue on the planet, however we need the inspiration, update and tools to implement it correctly.

The corporate collapses, scandals and disasters have also involved some senior corporate executives, respected politicians, central bankers and ministers. The right amount of due diligence on one or more components, in the area of Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC), would have either prevented or limited these disasters that have resulted in massive and utter distrust in our corporate and financial markets.

Unfortunately, the corporate and financial catastrophes have spread to several countries, because the corporate community is truly globalized. This brings a new set of challenges and pressures for International GRC professionals and businesses that we will discuss at the 2013 Copenhagen Compliance Conference.

The continued prolongation of credit and economic crisis, inherent weak economy and the risks and opportunities presented by a complex Regulatory Environment are clear incentives for corrupt behavior make matters worse for the international business group.

The 2013 Copenhagen Compliance Conferences on Good Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, Ethics, IT security, Audit Committees and other related issues, pledges to provide the Board of directors, management, auditors and GRC officers with the opportunity to meet with colleagues and experts to share ideas and tools, discuss the GRC challenges, develop new strategies. Based on the performance of these presentations you will discover the GRC opportunities that will mitigate some of the demanding issues your business transactions. The conference objective is to help you navigate thru the data, networking and ideas that you will need to be more effective in your organization.

The 2013 Copenhagen Compliance Conferences are designed to help you organize the updated solutions to some of your problems, including:

  • Addressing whistleblower issues
  • Audit Committee Issues
  • Conducting Workshops, Education & Training
  • Conducting effective internal investigations
  • Components to manage and develop the capacity of a GRC/CSR/BFC officer
  • Creating & Reviewing Policies & Procedures
  • Developing meaningful measurements and metrics
  • Managing third party risk
  • Navigating thru the latest on global BFC mandates incl. The Bribery Act & FCPA
  • Organizational Ethics and Compliance Infrastructure
  • Responding to the new mandates and complications of the Dodd Frank
  • Risk Assessment, Auditing & Monitoring
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Tackling social media

Each year the conference focuses on a variety of fresh issues and areas of concern in our new global reality. This year's attention is on the future role of the audit committee, gender and diversity on the board of directors, the role of management in implementing a holistic view of risk. Please review the agenda of the conferences for a complete list that cover a wide range of GRC perspectives with 20-40 subjects presented by 10-20 speakers from at least half a dozen countries at each conference.

Once again we will provide the platform for networking opportunities to develop reacquainted with old friends, develop valuable new friends, and learn directly from your peers.

Never before in the history of the corporate world are we as competent to accomplish almost anything as we are today. One of the missing links is the global focus on Good Governance, Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance awareness and implementation activities that together form a fundamental building block of any company's success in the future and marks the beginning of a new set of GRC activities to avoid the next crisis or a potentially a deadly danger without being the victim of the current crisis.

It is often claimed that more women on Corporate Boards would make the global organisations and companies more competitive. Many influential advocates have made a strong case for putting more women on corporate boards, claiming that it is useful for business and economy. We trust that the recommendations from the 2013 conference and will have the consensus on more women on Corporate Boards as well as the diversity issue.

2013 Copenhagen Compliance Conferences will highlight the current GRC concerns. We will provide you with a compass to navigate thru the prediction of a 'perfect storm' that probably could derail global economy.

2013 Copenhagen Compliance Conferences

Lady Olga Maitland

Torben Nielsen
Mariano A. Davies
Vice Chairman

Kersi F. Porbunderwalla
Secretary General